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Tuesday, 30 December 2008 07:48




I am very happy for your help, I was able to concentrate and immensely improve my exam results. Thanks- Namy, student

The student used her direction for concentration and an Amethyst Crystal to enhance knowledge

Thank you for your solution, I could shift over my job and my new one is very satisfying. Besides my salary jump is great. Sonam, air hostess
The young lady enhanced her career corner in her home and supported it by a strong affirmation

Your cures worked wonders; I was able to buy my dream equipment in record time, the affirmations work beautifully- Sunil, fashion photographer
This young man used nine good luck stone crystal tumbles and affirmations to get the desired result

Whatever worked from the solutions suggested, there is peace in my home, a lot of my domestic issues were solved, and we are now like adults talking over our problems. Thanks.-Mr. Bharucha, Retired Air line senior
The gentleman in the above case had difficulties with his spouse; he used a ‘Hulu’ in his bedroom and used some pink flowers

I am glad to have received the solution to my health problems; both the frequency and intensity of health problems have reduced considerably.-Mr. Moghe, retired banker
In this case Mr. Moghe placed a yellow mat in the center of his house and used some yellow candles

I am amazed the way things have started to look up in life for me; I am able to meet my sales targets for the last six months consequently. Girish-. Banker
Mr. Girish used his favorable color and enhanced his career corner in his home with a poster of a pathway

Thanks for your advice; I feel better and in control of my emotions. I am more confident now and my crying spells are a thing of the past my relationship problem is sorted. Anjali- Student
The student above mentioned had serious domestic issues and under going depression; she used an Amethyst and a Pink Quartz crystal pendant. She enhanced the family area of the house with some healthy plants and used her direction for clarity

I have tried my favorable sleeping direction from ‘Know Your Personality’ it works; I am able to sleep much better. Thanks. Sayali- School Teacher
Sleeping with her head to the favorable health direction solved Sayali’s problem to gain focus and get better restful sleep

I am surprised that by just changing the desk position in my office has given me great results, Thanks! Mr. Aurora- Businessman
Mr. Aurora by changing his desk position not only was able to face his favorable direction but also get a better view of the room entrance; besides he got a solid wall behind his chair while earlier he had a window instead

I am so happy that I was able to figure out the right choice of profession for me; and am enjoying my work. Akshay, Hospitality industry
The Four Pillars of Destiny chart which is highly personalized and helpful; was used to advice Akshay to balance his life and choose amongst his options of career

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