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Monday, 12 January 2009 05:44

altOnce in a village, there lived a very rich man. He had an only son whom he loved dearly. He was very protective of him and helped him in every way to establish his business; but whatever he tried he got little or no success. As days passed he became worried. His only sorrow was his son could not learn any trade and do as well as him. He consulted his Guru and teacher about this problem. His wise teacher came to stay by the country side with him for a few days. One morning he asked if they could go for a walk in the woods. As they reached a clearing in the woods; they saw a huge healthy banyan tree. “Beautiful!” The teacher exclaimed, “Can you see the plants growing beneath the giant tree?” The man was surprised to see the trees that grew under the shade of the banyan tree were healthy yet none more than a yard in height.

The teacher smiled and said, “That my friend is your problem”

The man went home, did some hard thinking and asked his son if he would like to go in another town and find his fortune. His son instantly agreed and set out on his own to explore his destiny; of course with all the adventure he was also ready for hardships. It was not easy, every step he had to face challenges. He worked hard, survived on little and slept in extremely modest places. He learned to be thrifty. Soon he began to travel and trade, met a lot of people, earned respect and trust of the people he worked with and eventually in time became a very successful trader; he made his father very proud.

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