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Thursday, 08 January 2009 06:38

alt“The Story of a Well Frog”

Many a times in life we find that we create a safe cocoon around us and feel that the world is limited within; until we are faced by challenges to break such barriers. An old Chinese tale of wisdom; called ‘The Story of the Well Frog’; shows us that real knowledge can be simply a humbling experience.
There lived a frog in a forest by the side of a well. He was a happy frog; he played in the well, he found all he needed around it and felt his world was complete.
One day, as he was basking in sunshine, besides the well. He saw another happy-go-lucky frog, he was at once curious to know who this new visitor was.
On inquiring he found out that the frog had traveled the entire forest and happen to live on the out skirts of the forest; by the sea.
His curiosity, made his mind go around in circles. Finally he asked his new friend; is your ocean as big as my drinking bowl. He was told it was bigger. He out stretched his hands and asked if his ocean was, as big as his stretched hands; he was told it was bigger. Finally he asked if the ocean was as big as his well; to his astonishment he was told it was still bigger. His curiosity was fired and he wanted to see the ocean.
So off they jumped and leaped merrily crossing the forest; at the end of the thicket they came to a clearing. He inquired ‘Where is your ocean?’ and there in front of him, his friend pointed out; was the infinite stretch of water; and our little well frog ‘EXPLODED’.
The Moral of this tale is ‘Knowledge is boundless’ if only we come out of our cocoon; to explore it.

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