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Friday, 16 January 2009 04:36

Watch out for these trouble makers......


1. The sight of a garbage dump at the approach of your living place.

2. A heap of rubble lying unattended near your house entrance.

3. A garbage bin permanently stationed outside your main door.

4. A garbage bin kept overnight; for pick up outside your main door.

5. Broken staircase or broken tiles right at your entrance.

6. Missing name plate, or an old worn out name plate. ( It may be shocking to note some doors bear name plates of dead relatives well past their demise, to some it means a gesture of sentiment but as far as feng shui goes an undesirable feature )

7. Dry, dead or unkempt plants at the entrance.

8. Popped out bulb or a precariously hanging external light bulb holder.

9. A creaking non lubricated hinge of your main door making a moaning sound as you open your door to welcome a guest.

10. A safety door with vertical bar grill giving you a jailed effect if seen from the out side.

11. To many homes; a split door may be a feature giving away the amount of arguments and differences of opinion existing in them.

12. Lack of proper lighting, making the lobby dark and depressing.

All these and many more features which can be easily corrected happen to exist right at our door causing difficulties in our lives. If not all even some of these corrections could bring ease in your lives.

JoeClark     |220.225.33.xxx |2017-10-24 19:08:26
The Global Forum on Environment* (GFENV) is a venue that brings together
international experts from member and non-member economies to
share experiences and explore common policy issues focusing
principally on the environmental dimension of sustainable development and
its linkages with economic and social policies. Issues to be addressed
in the Global Forum on Environment are shaped based on the current work of
the OECD Environment Programme, by focusing on one or two priority
issues on the global environmental agenda each year.

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http://www.oecd.org/envi ronment/gfenv.h
-explainer videos
JoeClark     |220.225.33.xxx |2017-10-24 19:09:58
Green is not a spectator sport. It’s all about getting involved. Forums
may not be as flashy as the latest social network, but their value
and long-term popularity remains. Coupled with the advent of social
media (or the slightly older term many prefer, social bookmarking),
opportunities to connect with like-minded people online –
whether for business, education, or simply doing good deeds – are
everywhere. The challenge with forums is that while they are often strong
and vibrant, they do not always have the exposure of blogs or
prominent social news sites. But the dedicated and curious greenie can
glean a lot from participation in niche environmental forums.
And voting and sharing on green social news sites is a terrific way to
fill out your green social web experience. This list of social media sites
and forums will hopefully help t...
JoeClark  - Will we eat laboratory-grown meat in the future?   |220.225.33.xxx |2017-10-30 13:27:31

We all know that the meat industry is a dangerous threat to our
climate and overall a questionable industry. The cattle release
CO2, methane and other greenhouse gases. They also use a lot of land
areas, around 25% of the earths total land area. And about one third of all
farm areas are used to grow food for the cattle.
According to studies
the meat industry is responsible for about one fifth of all
greenhouse gas emissions, in the world. That means they currently
pollutes more than the whole transport sector. And by year 2050 the meat
production is expected to increase with 50%.

And then I haven’t
even mentioned the rather obvious animal suffering.

But maybe, if
some “environmentally concerned scientists” get their way, the
meat you’ll eat in the future will be produced inside a lab. Scientists
from the In Vit...
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