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Thursday, 18 December 2008 09:39

Feng Shui and Your Bathroom

Feng Shui literally means wind and water. It principally believes that you must allow the positive forces of wind and water to play around in your living space and drain out the heavy negative energy. Bathrooms are the draining points of energies in a home; if these are pleasantly maintained they can effectively drain out the bad energies. However if they are occupying positive areas they could drain the good energy too. In such instances keeping them dry, closed, and pleasing in appearance helps lift the negative influence of such placement. All said and done bathrooms are a necessary evil of modern living.

In building structures of olden times they were positioned outside the main house for better sanitation. One could think about it as we have sure created a whole set of problems for ourselves presently. Coming to think about it; the size of the bathroom as compared to its proportion of the entire house is very important. Bathrooms located inthe center of a house need special treatment; whereas some basic steps can help negate their bad influence otherwise.

  • The door should be kept closed always and the toilet seat covered.alt
  • The interiors of a bathroom should be done in bright pleasant colors like reds, greens, pink, lavender, and light blues.(These colors can be used in touches or accessories)
  • Keep these areas well lit and well ventilated.
  • The door from the outside can be ornamented with yang pictures of flowerbeds, hot air balloons, birds in flight.
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