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Tuesday, 06 January 2009 10:12

altNative Wisdom, Charms, and Totems

Amazing and true that we all have our connection to energies of the environment we live. From the experiences we have to the kind of life we are exposed to. Have you ever felt that if something is happening around you it feels as if you have seen or heard it happening before? It is Deja-wu. It can be memories of some images, geometric patterns you see, certain animals you like or fear the most. We carry so many imprints of the past that our memory at the conscious level cannot recall them all; however at the sub-conscious level we connect to these all the time.

Animal energies are used as a healing tool by different cultures in different parts of the world effectively as native wisdom. Many are perfected by trial and error hence in the form we see them today they are very potent. Some of these have been obtained from valuable leads from civilizations of the past in the form of writings on papyrus, stone tablets, parchments etc.

Think about your favorite teddy that has been with you since childhood and you won’t let go even if it is old and tattered. An old quilt; made by your grand mother which is old and worn out but still your favorite. This explains that the object has been carrying the imprints of memories of the person or experience associated with it and its energy. Such objects have a comforting and soothing effect. The same principle applies when you use say a tiger nail, a photograph of an elephant, elk or mandarin ducks; they can trigger the energy of the associated qualities, our psyche is aware of on the conscious or sub-conscious level, of these animals.

The purpose of your totem animal is to teach, aid, and assist you in your life journey. Some totems remain with us throughout life while others appear as and when we need their energy.

It may be to many an experience that as we go through life; we come across certain repetitive things that keep coming to us again and again. Say certain colors, or appearance of a particular bird or animal in various forms. It may be a calendar, television programme as we flick channels, a card or some packing carrying the image. We must understand that at such time the energy is giving us a message of the support of the same.

Hence be open to them and embrace their love as you grow through life’s lessons; they are lending a helping hand.

The Human psyche is the making of a long and slow process comprising the belief systems imbibed in us by our elders, social and cultural beliefs, the effect of environment on us, and our own experiences as we grow up. Many a times these are so deep rooted in our mind set that we practice certain habitual patterns without being actually aware of them. It is like our taste buds; we love the food we grow up eating, or develop taste over a period of time.

As an example let us consider a case of negative association of experience. A young lady had a strong dislike for The color Red, now going back in time it was discovered that it happened that in child hood her mothers favorite color happened to be Red and she was dressed in red herself most of the time, as for the girl she had a large amount of reds in her wardrobe too. Her child hood was traumatic; her father was short tempered, violent and bitter fights were a daily thing.

The color Red is warm and represents fire energy, too much use can increase fire and get tempers flying. Hence she associated all wrong that happened in life with this color. However we must also understand that red is an auspicious color and many cultures associate it with celebration and festivities.

It further can be inferred that certain signs symbols and objects too carry significance that are treated to enhance several aspects. Especially those associated with religion, social and cultural mind set.
Amulets or Talismans are traditionally carried for protection to ward off bad or negative influences which may threaten one's person, family and/or property. They are based largely on the belief that; energy of natural elements and objects of use can be used to acquire certain qualities of the same. Most Amulets or Charms are inspired by the native wisdom of the Natural World and Native Spirituality or belief systems... they are meant to be potent reservoirs of healing energies and Light of Hope in testing and uncertain times. Consciously or sub-consciously we are drawn to these protective charms when we need their energy.

They can be worn, carried or held for sometime in your hands to absorb their energy.

Many times charms made of number grids and signs or symbols can be fixed to your door or near entrances for protection or to attract positive forces.

Almost most native tribes around the World have used native wisdom over time, animal totems, charms and their energies to protect, or energize. The actual hair nails, or pelts of animals is believed to have the power to instill the wearer with powers and qualities of these animals. The tribal culture however believes in compassion, and respect nature hence believes that no animal should be hurt harmed or killed to acquire such goods. Pictures and symbolic objects if these can also prove to be effective. Charms made in stone, wood or any other material of these animals can lend their energy.

Mandarin Ducks: Placed in your bedroom; a pair of mandarin ducks is used to enhance a relationship. They signify longevity in a relation.

Elk: When feeling victimized the energy of an elk helps to hold ones bearing.

Snake: The snake energy can be efficiently used in a period of transformation, or transition.

Tiger: By his very suggestion a tiger enforces and infuses the element of power in a person.

Dogs: Love and devotion, faithful, Guardians

Cats: Intelligence, wit, cunning, Thrift

Horse: Travel, Power, Freedom

Eagle: High Ideals, Ambition, Clarity of Goals and Vision

Cranes: Migration, Trade, Travel

Owls: Intuition, Reflection, Wisdom, Yin Force

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