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Monday, 29 December 2008 10:46

altThe Ba-Gua or Black-Hat Sect Feng-Shui

This is a modern version of Feng Shui developed in the mid 1980s especially when Feng Shui traveled to the West. It’s a combination of Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, Psychology and Traditional Feng Shui and is based on a more spiritual approach than scientific. It uses visual and suggestive methods to aid and support the thinking and life of the follower. It is very fast and effective to fix problems. The structure is divided into eight sections and a Ba-Gua map is aligned with the entry door, rather than actual compass directions. Each section corresponds to a different life aspect. Placing of symbols and intent is emphasized.

Madthesp   |83.49.150.xxx |2009-05-15 15:31:20
I´m a bit confused as to which form of feng shui to incorporate in my new
living accommodation.
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