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alt Compass School uses the four cardinal and the four sub-cardinal directions to analyze the Feng Shui of the space. As also each one of us too has four good compass directions and four bad compass directions based on the year of birth. A building's sitting direction determines whether it is an East or West Group structure.

Each compass direction has an element associated with it: e.g. Water, wood, earth, metal, or fire.

Utilizing the best compass directions for sleeping and working helps us support our life goals.
The Element of Water rules the North Direction and represents your Career or flow of life. It is associated with the color black or navy blue and flowing shapes
The East and South-East direction is ruled by the Element of Wood, the color association is green. It represents tall shapes and stands for our relationships with Family and Ancestors. The South-East direction is a place for Divine blessings and associated with wealth of any kind.
The Element of Fire rules the South direction, is associated with angular shapes especially a triangle and well defined sharp lines, the color association is rre, purple or sky blue. It is the direction of Fame success and completion.
The Earth Element rules the South-West and North-East direction, the shape it represents is a square or a rectangle, in short stable shapes. The colors of this direction are browns, yellow family and white. This direction rules marital relations, love aspects and health in general. The North-East is the direction of knowledge and is like a mountain cave.
Metal as an Element rules the North-West and West direction, the life aspect it is associated is helpful friends, philanthrophy, and seen or unseen help. The colors representing this direction are gery, rust, white and metallic shades. The shapes that it denotes are dome or circular. The West is our creative area, it is our direction of joy.

Madthesp   | |2009-05-15 19:45:41
Hi there,
I´m moving to a loft at the end of this month its front
door is north facing as is the front door to the building when you enter the
living space the end wall is a window 5 and a half meters high with views over a
mega shoppin center, football pitch and various other things.
first concern is is this good feng shui I´m guessing it is whilst I´m aware
there are numerous other factors a big window with expansive views is good feng
shui right??
My other concern is should I take my north direction on
the bagua from the front door or from my big window. As i said both the front
door and main door are north facing the big window is south facing but some
schools say I should take it as my north as far as the bagua is concerned.
There's no terrace or door just a window. I´d reallyt appreciate an awnser to
this before I move in I understand the awnser might be long and you might need
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