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Tuesday, 30 December 2008 09:49

The Theory of Five Elements

The Creative/Control Cycle of Elements

The Five basic Elements are represented by Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and altMetal. These elements should not be confused to literally symbolize the elements but rather to simply understand the feel of energy in the natural process of creation, destruction or control. They make the understanding easier.

These Elements are in constant cycle of transformation and create a dynamic cycle of support or control as they interact with each other. Water feeds or nurtures wood. Wood in turn feeds fire. The supporting element becomes the parent and the supported becomes the child in the creative cycle.We further proceed to complete one cycle and another follows.
Nature maintains a balance in everything; hence water controls fire, fire controls metal, metal controls wood, wood disrupts earth and finally earth soaks up water to complete the cycle of control. This theory is used to balance an element in an environment.


Direction- North

Color- Black or Navy Blue

Season- Winter

Shape- Flowing, irregular or uneven

Body Part- Kidneys, Ears, Sex Organs

Represents- Career, Life-Path, Flow and ease of life


Direction- East, South-East

Color- Green

Season- Spring

Shape- Tall, vertical

Body Part- (East) Eyes, Heart, Feet, (South-East) Waist, Hips, Buttocks

Represents- Ancestors, Family, Relatives, Growth


Direction- South

Color- Red, purple, sky blue

Season- Summer

Shape- Triangular

Body Part- Brain,Eyes, Heart

Represents- Fame, Illumination, Completion


Direction-South-West, Center, North-East

Color-Yellow, white, brown

Season-End of summer

Shape-Square, rectangular

Body Part- (South-West)Stomach, Digestation, (Center) Whole Body, (North-East) Arms, Hands, Fingers, Feet

Represents- Relationships(South-West) Health(Center) Knowledge(North-East)


Direction- West, North-West

Color- Rust, white, grey, metallic

Season- Fall, autumn

Shape- Dome, circular

Body Part- (West) Skin, Mouth,(North-West) Lungs, Respiratory System

Represents- Joy(West) Help and Assistance(North-West)


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