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Tuesday, 23 December 2008 05:16

The Theory of The Five Celestial Animals

The Interior Application:

altFeng Shui principles are used for creating harmony in interiors; for maximizing its benefits for the betterment of the occupants. We are looking at applying the theory of The Five Celestial Animals to an office table or a bed position.

Generally in present office layouts we notice that all desk positions are facing the wall; leaving the occupant vulnerable and insecure. Besides facing a wall makes the person detached from the environment and feel blocked. This explains why working today has become tedious and shift over of jobs a common feature. Proper planning of an office layout goes a long way to ensure smooth functioning of the activities conducted therein. Please note that in application we are talking of the association of these animals to the directions and not confusing them with the actual compass directions. Hence you need not match the right or left side to the compass alignments.

The Snake

The Coiled Snake in the central location is you; the snake is symbolic of intelligence. In a coiled, alert and ready to act position the application of the theory of five celestial animals is an absolutely empowering experience. Here it is the actual chair you sit on; or your bed placement we are going to consider. The chair should be appropriate to your position; as the importance of the responsibilities you shoulder in your office.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix or the red bird is a symbol to indicate the Southern direction. It’s a mythical bird possessing the quality of going way ahead of time and scans the future. It is used to enhance the future and helps us know what is in store for us.

In placement of furniture the phoenix is like the virtual distance in front of our self. As such the suggestion here is that; in a given sitting or bed position; we must keep more space in front of us than behind.

The Phoenix is red in color; like the hunting birds which fly ahead of the hunting party to scan the landscape; it opens and assesses the future for us.

You can use the color, an actual picture of the phoenix or just keep enough space in front of you to enhance your Phoenix.

The Tortoise

The Black Tortoise located behind us; it is symbolic of support; it determines the strength of backing that we have in all our endeavors. Generally it can be enhanced by the color black or deep navy blue. The shape association is uneven or waves. In a given situation it can be a wall behind us, a high backed chair or a strong bed board. In case of a window located behind us a double lined curtain can also become our symbolic tortoise. A black tortoise or a metal tortoise can also be placed suitably to act as our support in case it is lacking. It suggests that we keep as little place vacant behind as is possible for us to be in control of the situation. A door located behind us is treated as a disturbed tortoise. The tortoise denotes the North direction.

The Tiger

The White Tiger is treated as the West direction; and is located to the right side, as we are seated or sleeping; it denotes our strength, power and ambition. It is our aggressive side and should be under our control to follow ethics. We can use an actual picture of a tiger, or any furniture which is lower; than that located to our left side.

In a desk placement it could be that you keep your telephone as your Tiger to your right hand side. It could be a coffee table or a bedside table too.

The Dragon

The Green Dragon symbolic of the East direction; to your left hand side should be higher than the object placed to your right side. Ideally in a desk placement; your computer monitor could be your Dragon placed in front of you to your left side. The color of the Dragon is green and it symbolizes your higher self; hence your ethics are guarded by this feature. You can have any feature or furniture placed to your left; it could be even a painting on the wall.

The Five Animals and You........ 

The Theory of Five Animals is an interesting tool using the five mythical animals often referred to as the Celestial Animals.It is helpful to make the best placements of important features be it a building, house or simply a bed or a work desk. It helps one to gain charge and control of whatever a person has set out to do.
Uses: For the location of the furniture, especially the bed and the desk, the layout of the four celestial animals is used. This position is generally diagonally opposite the door and looking towards it, with a solid wall behind. This position is considered the best with the widest view of the room.
The best location for a building can be decided with taller structures at the back to represent the tortoise, and trees or shorter buildings to the right and left can symbolize the dragon and tiger. The most important thing is to have a vista in front which is pleasing to open the future growth.

The five animals are:

The Tortoise:

The Black Tortoise symbolizes support and protection its position is at the back say a solid wall, a mountain, more popularly in present times a tall building, or for that matter even a high backed chair used by the head of an office or an organization. Its direction is The North. It represents the winter and its element is water.

The Dragon:

The Green Dragon, in its ideal position, refers to small hills, trees or structures which support and protect a building on the left side or in the East. The dragon is the guardian and the inspiration of the East. Its purpose is to allow your higher values to support your decisions. It represents spring and its element is wood.

The Phoenix:

The Phoenix, or Red Bird, in its ideal position, refers to the front part of a building and makes up the frontal view or vista. It opens up future prospects and symbolizes your future. It is located in the South. It represents the summer and its element is fire.

The Tiger:

The White Tiger ideally should be lower than the dragon and it refers to small structures which support and protect a building on the right side or in the West. It projects the aggressive side of our personality if activated it can affect our decision making in a rather ruthless manner. It represents the autumn and its element is metal.

The Snake:

The Snake holds the central position, representing the actual building, house or a person occupying the business chair. It is a symbol of intelligence, and it empowers a person to be alert like a snake in coiled position with its head held up straight. It is a seat of power.
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