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Monday, 22 December 2008 10:08

Feng Shui and Love

altBonding is a very important aspect of love; Feng Shui beliefs support sharing of similar habits, and food especially is a strong bonding factor. To many who believe opposites attract a very dynamic kind of bonding is created with contrasting habits and tastes; these come under marriages of learning wherein the couple evolve and grow habitual to one another. Enhancing your love life can bring in a sparkle to your present state.
Your bedroom is the best area to look into firstly, you must remove any kind of water especially moving water like a water fountain; eliminate any pictures of wild animals; or any other feature suggesting conflict. You can then introduce features like a pair of mandarin ducks; some pink flowers; soft cushions. Occasionally you can burn out a pink candle or place a pink candle in the bedroom.

Pink décor in the bedroom enhances the comfort level in a relationship; it also brings harmony in the bedroom.

Candles: Burning out a pink candle can take away influences of negativity in a relation; besides they symbolize a bond of love if placed in the relationship area of your bedroom. (The south west direction)

Black décor in the bedroom enhances a relationship to bring about excitement in love life.

Love Wallpaper

Love and Romance:

There are three areas related to the aspect of Love; the 'North', the 'West' and the South-West. These as related to relationships; play a very significant role.


If you are going through a stagnant phase in your love life; say for example you are seeing someone and after a significant period of time has elapsed; your partner is non committal or the relation is not heading in the desired direction; chances are there is an imbalance in your North. This part of your house could be responsible for a lot of emotional up’s and down’s in your life. This area can be responsible for differences and misunderstandings in an existing relationship too. If looking for a relationship you can enhance this direction along with your personal direction for relations.


The west region of the house can be instrumental in creating difficulties in the physical part of a relationship. This area deals more with love in its physical and passionate form. If out of balance you could be experiencing staleness in your love life or attracting the wrong kind of relationships; leading to sadness and disappointments. Corrections in this area along with some added feature in your direction of relationship could bring joy and sparkle in your life.


This direction is known as the area of marriage; it deals with the finding of a partner, marriage, bonding, and the other finer aspects of a relationship. The marriage is not restricted to a legal one alone but in a broader perspective. When a relationship is going through a rough phase, check this area of the house for any dead, broken or unsteady objects. You can enhance it by using some yellow color; a poster of love theme can be fixed here. Keep this area clear of clutter as it may cause fights.

Romance Wallpaper

Nine-Ki Love Compatibility


Number Compatible Manageable Avoidable
1 1,6,7,3,4 2,5,8 9
2 2,5,8,9,6,7, 3,4 1
3 3,4,1,9 6,7 2,5,8
4 3,4,1,9 6,7 2,5,8
5 2,5,8,9,6,7 3,4 1
6 2,5,8,6,7,1 9 3,4
7 2,5,8,6,7,1 9 3,4
8 2,5,8,6,7,9 3,4 1
9 9,3,4,2,5,8 1 6,7

 Your Nine-Ki Number

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