Fototapety 3d

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fototapeta 3d
The fast pace of life, technological progress, the constant lack of time and the landscape of communal blocks of flats mean that many times we want to take a little bit of nature, nature and take the idyllic climate. Interior architects urge us that there is the possibility of perfect combination of modernity and return to what is old, popular and fully natural. An example of such an arrangement is the interior of a luxury salon presented, which at first glance turns us into a great room for rest, relaxation and forgetting everyday problems. The whole room is decorated in a banal modern style. The color of the interior of the apartment is based on white, black and all shades of gray. It lacks useless accessories, excess decoration, and at first glance, simplicity, modesty and minimalism stand out. It presents the idyllic atmosphere of the Italian town, which is an attractive contrast to the gray of the room's furnishings. The image of the 3d wall mural has been placed in a special niche made on one of the walls, which gives the impression of shifting from the world of gray into a world of shades, green vegetation set along a cobbled street and beautiful clichéd Italian buildings. From the image of a wall mural, the interior beats warmth that can be felt by the inhabitants. An additional attraction of this device is the impression of depth caused by the road running along a long street. You can freely blend a variety of styles ranging from classic, ecological, glamor, vintage and modern. The most spectacular combinations concern the use of fundamentally opposite styles, as is the case in the example above, in which the place of sibling unmistakably blends with modernity. A similar effect is achieved by combining authentic classic with elements of glamor. Therefore, photo wallpapers 3d online store adding real charm and originality can be replaced with printed images and extremely fashionable recently wall labels.