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Love And Relationships

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Love and Relationship“Love Life”

Looking into your home tip up some areas to focus upon; let us begin with the element of water. There are two areas related to this element; the “North” and the “West”. Both these as related to relationships; play a very significant role. If you are going through a stagnant phase in your love life; say for example you are seeing someone and after a significant period of time has elapsed; your partner is non committal; chances are there is an imbalance in your North. This part of your house could be responsible for a lot of emotional up’s and down’s in your emotional issues. This area can be responsible for differences and misunderstandings in an existing relationship too. If looking for a relationship you can enhance this direction along with your personal direction for relations.“Know your Personality”

The west region of the house can be instrumental in creating difficulties in the physical part of a relationship. This area deals more with love in its physical and passionate form. If out of balance you could be experiencing staleness in your love life or attracting the wrong kind of relationships; leading to sadness and disappointments. Corrections in this area along with some added feature in your direction of relationship could bring joy and sparkle in your life.

“Know your Personality”