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Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Health Environnentof Trees, Plants and the Environment.

Years ago I visited the rose garden in a north Indian state in the peak of summer; goes without saying given the extreme heat in this region; I was sadly disappointed. What I saw was rather scary. The rose bushes looked like a mangle of thorns. It gave an extremely sad feeling; more so because I expected to see it otherwise. It sure was not negligence on part of maintenance but simply a natural cycle of season.

This led me to think; the flora and fauna of a home should be chosen carefully and be kept in good maintenance; selection of plants that bloom all year round and trees that sustain on ground water is important. This so explains that we must stop felling trees immediately; treating them as our treasure. Allowing natural vegetation to co-exist with us is for our benefit. Spending time with Nature is grounding and calming.

Wood products should be maintained and sparingly used and wood by products like paper should be recycled.

Avoiding plastic packing and conserving paper leaves us the option of going back in time and think of the good old cloth bags.

Conservation of Nature is the only way of life. It is mutually productive and directly related to our lives.

A Green Planet is our way to nurture our Abode.

A thought about some things we can contribute


  • Plant as many trees as you can
  • Support groups opposing felling of trees
  • Animal life and bird sanctuaries need our care and attention
  • Believe in recycling goods made of natural materials
  • Create awareness in children about Nature Conservation
  • Encourage children to go on treks and Geographical Tours
  • Show compassion towards stray animals
  • Include Program’s to support natural conservation in all community activities
  • Domestic kitchen waste can be successfully recycled in your own garden
  • Create your own ‘Best from Waste’ goods
  • Take long walks in natural environment, soak in as much as you can

Garden Feng Shui

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Garden Feng ShuiThe Principles of Feng Shui aim at placing things to encourage the beneficial flow of Chi (Life Force Energy) you can create harmony in your environment to bring about positive change to enhance health, wealth and relationships.A Feng Shui garden should follow natural pattern and balance. Gardens bring in the positive elements of Nature in to your home

Garden paths should be curved and meandering. Straight paths leading towards your doors or windows bring in undesirable energy. Slowly curving paths allow the energy to circulate longer.

Trees or large shrubs should ornament the back walls to provide privacy and protection
Various species of healthy plants and herbs should be suitably placed and nurtured to create harmony and balance one another.

Water features such as pools, ponds and fountains are beautiful and encourage beneficial chi and symbolize prosperity and create yin energy.

Keep the garden sufficiently lit to balance the ponds and pool. Lights generate warmth and yang energy.

Make provision for family and friends to sit around and enjoy sunlight, evenings and night sky.

Place birdbaths to attract birds they are considered lucky. Fruit bearing trees attract birds too.
Avoid clutter in the garden. Dead leaves twigs and broken objects lying around cause harm
Maintain your garden well, the height or cluster of trees in your garden should not block your house completely
Plants bearing spiky leaves should be placed away from sitting areas
Respect local sentiments if you have to fell any tree
Use the Cycle of Five Elements to choose the color of flowers planted in specific positions e.g. Red in the South, Earth Feature in the South-West etc.
You can use beautiful statues, rocks, stones, and crystals to enhance and energize the environment
Use gardens as screen to protect your house from a busy street or walkway