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A Prayer Room or Alter

Monday, December 29th, 2008

The Prayer Room or Alter in Your Home
The Prayer Room or Alter in your home is the most Sacred Space in your home.

Sacred Space

It is the point wherein every member of the house bows in respect to the being or deity you worship or bow to. It is not important what path or rituals you follow, however simple or basic they may be, if you only in times of need this spot can provide you with inner strength, or focus it becomes your place of worship.Space clearing rituals, like lighting a lamp or candles, burning incense, offering flowers or sweets, ringing bells, chanting or any other simple routine ritual can help to recharge this place.

  • A prayer room should be placed aside from your mundane place of activity; with no disturbance around.
  • It should allow you peace to focus and contemplate.

  • It should be simple, pleasing and decorative to suit your culture and beliefs.
  • It should not be placed against a toilet wall or facing a toilet door.
  • It need not necessarily be religious but must inspire you spiritually.
  • It should have a soothing calming and meditative quality to it.
  • An Alter if placed in your bedroom should not be placed at the foot of your bed; or rather your feet should not be pointed towards the Alter.
  • It should be neat and clean.
  • The top surface should not be used for storage or any other activity.
  • Remember to give your prayer space a place of pride in your home.