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Feng Shui and The Balance of Nature

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Feng Shui principles believe in living in harmony with the natural elements of your surroundings. The more in tune your home is with Nature the better is the Feng Shui of your life. Remaining closer to the natural flow of things you will enjoy better health and happiness.

It’s all about balance and was meant to be that way; the natural order of things has basic five elements and every aspect of life can be compared to these and measured. For instance the element of wood is provided by the flora and fauna in our environment; if these are insufficient then we rely on the color green or wooden objects. The balance of the element of Fire is provided by sunshine in the absence of which we have lights, fire place or the kitchen fire. The Earth element is the home itself the most grounding factor in our lives. The other elements like Water and Metal are generally available to us in their natural forms as jewelry or artifacts and water bodies or images of it.

The laws of Nature believe in fairness; for every give there is taking. Matter may simply transform as we know but the essence remains the same. The ‘Chi’ factor the most important life force energy rests in all around us; with us included. For every mud mound you create there is a pit dug somewhere. Save fuel

Speaking of ecological balance; for every structure we build whether it is mud, stone and concrete or wood we are digging into natural resources and transforming them into our dwelling.

The local cultural beliefs associate certain rituals performed before construction, or felling of trees used in the process as a mark of respect towards Nature. It’s time we take note and give back to Nature what we draw from it. Say ‘Each one plant one’ or restricting the use of wood, looking for alternates, for it is our responsibility to maintain the balance. Global warming and related issues are now to be dealt with on war footing.

Strange but true; we could always switch back to the bicycle, or the traditional sloping roofs to keep homes cooler. Eating fresh raw or lightly cooked foods can be healthier and save on packing and processing; besides they need less fuel to cook too. We need to take the responsibility ‘Now’ to equate the highs and lows in life. This Earth is our home.

Some of the support methods for saving our Earth are:Save your Earth

  1. Following traditional natural healing methods using native wisdom
  2. Using bio fuel
  3. Car pooling, minimizing use of private transport wherever possible
  4. Restricting the use of plastic, cans etc.
  5. Conserving electricity
  6. Recycling natural waste
  7. Using solar energy, for heaters, cooking and other house hold gadgets
  8. Imbibing in our children the love for Nature
  9. Supporting bio friendly endeavorsAvoid use of plastic
  10. Saving paper
  11. Restricting the use of gadgets, use the appropriate size to cut electricity consumption
  12. Planting more trees, smaller lawns and more plants and trees. Use bird baths to attract birds they support eco-balance
  13. Encouraging construction of parks, water bodies in urban areas
  14. Living healthy life, walk where you can it is healthier, use bicycles for local commuting needs
  15. Having your own kitchen garden, and bartering your produce with fellow neighborsYour kitchen garden
  16. Every township should be self sufficient to avoid transportation of goods and save fuel
  17. De-centralizing industries to control pollution and generating livelihood to local population.
  18. Relying on cottage industries and appreciating environment friendly goods
  19. Conserve water by good plumbing and proper storage of water; water waste from the kitchen is excellent for watering a garden
  20. Keeping beaches and natural water bodies clean
  21. Avoid wastage of food
  22. Donate old winter wear and warm clothing for recycling

Garden Feng Shui

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Garden Feng ShuiThe Principles of Feng Shui aim at placing things to encourage the beneficial flow of Chi (Life Force Energy) you can create harmony in your environment to bring about positive change to enhance health, wealth and relationships.A Feng Shui garden should follow natural pattern and balance. Gardens bring in the positive elements of Nature in to your home

Garden paths should be curved and meandering. Straight paths leading towards your doors or windows bring in undesirable energy. Slowly curving paths allow the energy to circulate longer.

Trees or large shrubs should ornament the back walls to provide privacy and protection
Various species of healthy plants and herbs should be suitably placed and nurtured to create harmony and balance one another.

Water features such as pools, ponds and fountains are beautiful and encourage beneficial chi and symbolize prosperity and create yin energy.

Keep the garden sufficiently lit to balance the ponds and pool. Lights generate warmth and yang energy.

Make provision for family and friends to sit around and enjoy sunlight, evenings and night sky.

Place birdbaths to attract birds they are considered lucky. Fruit bearing trees attract birds too.
Avoid clutter in the garden. Dead leaves twigs and broken objects lying around cause harm
Maintain your garden well, the height or cluster of trees in your garden should not block your house completely
Plants bearing spiky leaves should be placed away from sitting areas
Respect local sentiments if you have to fell any tree
Use the Cycle of Five Elements to choose the color of flowers planted in specific positions e.g. Red in the South, Earth Feature in the South-West etc.
You can use beautiful statues, rocks, stones, and crystals to enhance and energize the environment
Use gardens as screen to protect your house from a busy street or walkway