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Monday, June 1st, 2009

MeadowsLife in the city is paced much too faster than we intended it to be. The need to get away is constant and the search for alternatives for peace and calm is never ending. A weekend get away is generally spent in catching up with sleep or perhaps shopping.

Feng Shui speaks of aligning yourself with Nature to balance and offset this divide from your natural instinctive needs. Have you ever experienced standing under a huge healthy tree in a blazing summer afternoon? Well if you have; then you will understand what we are getting at; if not then you must try it out; for you will find out how refreshing and soothing it can be.

The gentle breeze feels like a lullaby. You could actually fall asleep.

Meadows around a home have a constant soothing effect on your living space especially if you can have a good view of it.

Trees, birds, greenery in any form, even indoor plants create life force energy and uplift the environment of a house, which otherwise would have felt in complete.

The color green essentially symbolizes growth, has a sooth and healing effect on us. Indoor plants with thick rounded leaves can generate moisture which is excellent for skin. Watching a stretch of grass land can sooth the eyes. Walking bare feet on grass helps balance the Earth element in you, connects you with Nature and is excellent for grounding yourself.

For people who change their minds often or find it hard to take decisions; Grounding is very beneficial.

The remedies in a house for introducing an element of Earth and Growth are; to use features with Nature reflected in its glory. You could use the color green in your décor. Using terracotta features and clay crockery is also a good idea. Making clay objects, gardening, playing with clay are some interesting hobbies to ground oneself. However it has to be constantly renewed and moved to keep the freshness going. Posters and paintings generally energize the environment for a while and go unnoticed; in such instance the initial effect is lost. If you yourself clean and maintain these objects they get the attention and energy from you to generate further positive vibrations for your benefit.