About Us

Our aim is to educate people on different aspects of this vast subject. Big things begin with the first step. Creating awareness about the environment we live in, giving back to nature what we take from it.

“Feng shui is an art of placement” an often repeated statement. It affects our lives in good and not so good ways in Inter relating to people at large.

It is all about the environment and lives of people living in it.

We welcome interaction; sharing and extending our love for the subject. Keeping in mind every person is unique and every situation different; we intend to share information for making a difference in your life.

The entire focus in Feng shui lies in the theory of ‘The Five Elements’; interaction between them and the ultimate objective is to attain balance in body, living space, relationships and environment. The more we are closer to nature the more we experience harmony in life; If however we are faced with problems or disturbing issues we can look up to the wisdom of this fascinating subject for solutions; they may seem simple but are effective.

We welcome you once again to ‘Feng shui- Bookmark’