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Professional Water Damage, Mold & Fire Restoration Services.

After water damage happens, the items that may be restored within the first 48 hours may not be revived if crisis response is delayed. That is why calling the ideal water damage restoration company is essential for your house and belongings.

As IICRC certified professional restorersour task will be to minimize the harm from prompt and thorough activity that will bring your stuff and arrangement as near pre-flooding state as is humanly possible. When you choose Anew, you can expect a reliable firm providing the highest quality every time.

Water damage may lead to mould and even black mold. Anew’s advanced process and equipment uses the most current from EPA registered products to not attack mould, lighten discoloration and may even stop mould re-growth. Count on a company that has the experience and equipment to handle the project.

The byproduct we use in thick mold contamination and sewage backup may be uninstalled in 24 hours after application and then it is safe for occupancy. Another products are safe for humans and pets 3 hours after application.

Residential Water Damage, Lansing MI Sewage and Flooding Experts Fire and Smoke Damage Mold and Black Mold Commercial Restoration Services.

If you are going through a house or water damage restoration crisis, you need an experienced and reliable service that’s not just prepared to act at a moments notice but will do this 24 hours a day. We offer free quotes on all water damage crises and we’ll make it our mission to make sure that your residence or workplace is restored correctly the very first moment.

The minute that you contact us concerning your residential or business water damage, we’ll dispatch our water restoration staff. Our technicians will deliver your contents and arrangement as near pre-flooding state as is humanly possible. With our ultra-modern techniques, it’s possible to restore water damaged rugs, structural and contents materials to pre-flood look.

Our specialist restorers will leave the area freshly cleaned and dry. It’s crucial to respond within two days of water damage if you would like to salvage up to your house as you can. By calling Anew once the catastrophe happens, you can avoid extensive damage and best site the costly repairs typically related to this kind of damage.

At Anew, no job is too large or too messy. In Reality, we handle the following on a regular basis:

A fire may be the most traumatic encounter a homeowner faces. When a fire has happened at your house or house, chances are that the harm has already been great. Fire may cause minor smoke damage in the least, or may completely devour an entire structure. Though this may be an upsetting and stressful time, Anew may take care of bringing your house back to a safe, flourishing state.

Anew will initially inspect your house to check on the soundness of fundamental structures and assess all harm. We’ll share our findings with you, so that you are fully informed as to the types of outcomes that could be reasonably expected. We’ll then operate to fix the fundamental structures of your house to make certain that your residence or business is secure and that all constructions are solid.

Property loss or destruction due to fire damage is frequently the consequence of smoke damage and not just fire damage. The website has to be scrutinized to determine the degree to which smoke, fire, heat, and moisture has influenced contents and building. As an experienced fire restoration specialist we all know the areas to examine, frequently areas unaffected by fire harm are a danger since smoke may penetrate in cavities of the construction causing concealed harm and odor.

Home and business owners are able to underestimate the intensity of mould in their constructions and the amount of difficulty involved with removing the mould damage. Only cleaning with bleach won’t kill it.

Good mold remediation takes a containment area and then removing the mold carefully and correctly to eliminate the spread of mould spores to other chambers. This will necessitate removing moldy material as well as renovation, returning the arrangement to like new condition. Mold remediation is best done by trained professionals who understand the required processes and procedures necessary for good mould removal and containment.

If you imagine that you have a mould issue, call the professionals in Anew Damage Restoration now and set up a free onsite consultation where we could inspect your environment and supply you with a restoration quote.

When it comes to flood restoration from natural or home elements, mould removal, sewer extraction, restoration and flood clean up providers, look no further than Anew Damage Restoration. With instantaneous answer, prompt actions, experience and a highly skillful staff, we are capable to help recover and restore your premises.

Upon entering your house or business, we’ll use expert moisture detection equipment to assess and document that the psychrometric conditions inside and away from the construction and the moisture content of substances from affected and unaffected areas. We’ll assess and document the source and the timing of the water intrusion, observable corrosion, preexisting damage and bacterial growth. We’ll start drying aims for affected construction materials and contents close to the start of the restoration process.

Meth Lab Decontamination - Methamphetamine labs are not only dangerous and illegal, but they leave an environmental hazard mess. This mess must be cleaned thoroughly and correctly. Meth remains are very dangerous to the health and well being of occupants or prospective occupants of a house requiring an extensive cleanup process.

Recently, it’s estimated that 33 percent of humans that come in contact with Methamphetamine can become addicted. This is where Anew Damage Restoration can help with your own Clandestine/Meth Lab Decontamination. Anew cares for those who will occupy the house or business where labs have been in. That is exactly why our certified team offers the most up-to-date in techniques, products and equipment to decontaminate your house, rental properties or business.

A visual evaluation can tell you exactly what ’s around the surface, nevertheless a visual inspection cannot tell you if it’s been disinfected. That is where Anew Damage Restoration can assist you. We offer discreet 24 Hour Emergency in addition to scheduled Disinfection services.

Physical Therapy

There’s good reason for moving beyond "it looks clean to me", the CDC has reported that in the United States alone 98,000 patients die every year after contracting Hospital Acquired Infection. In 2009, 11,000 people died from H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic in the United States and at July 2012 Whooping Cough has dropped from the year earlier with just 8.2percent of adults obtaining the vaccine.

AQC highly recommends Anew Damage Restoration for virtually any kind of environmental cleanup. AQC creates this recommendation due to their high level of professionalism and proficiency in addition to this extensive training and high level of communication, project direction and level of detail that Anew Damage Restoration provides.

Air Quality Consultants, LLC Jeffery D. Rostoni.

I utilized Erin Craft to dry out and eliminate mould. From my basement which is completely finished and utilized as TV room and enjoy a living room. It took roughly 4 or 5 days as I remember, Should I actually need his type of work , there would not be any uncertainty as to who’d be on my list — Erin Craft.

As a result of their hard work and the mould abatement processes they employed, we finally have a completely habitable basement . There’s absolutely no residual oder or anything else to remind us of the Memorial Day weekend in 2011. If something like this ever happens again, Anew will get the phone. They are a first rate company in all facets.

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