Monday, November 15, 2004 Le Parisien / Today reminds us next quejeudi when issuing “100 Minutes”, Francois Fillon is expected to unveil some of the content of the future framework law on school.

Monday, November 15, 2004 Le Parisien / Today reminds us next quejeudi when issuing "100 Minutes", Francois Fillon is expected to unveil some of the content of the future framework law on school. What one can say is that the latest decisions taken by the Minister dry bode ill for the content of this text … Luc Bronner for the World takes us on a trip to the heart of the "Mammoth, specifically the administration Central of Education. It shows how to develop flyers, exams and tousles neologisms of this huge structure that employs more than one million civil servants. To convince such a mammoth, it takes more than 100 minutes … Good Reading … ——————————- ————— Liberation 15/11/04 readers: another way to teach I teach visual arts at the high school of Pont-Audemer where, since their inception, teachers have played the game of supervised personal work (TPE) and have gradually found a true educational value. Thus, terminal L specialty plastic arts, I work with the literature teacher two hours a week in the same room and this September to February. During those six months, the thirty students in the class will work in groups of two to four on a subject that combines the two disciplines to achieve a defense. […] It is therefore regrettable that the real innovation is deleted as it allowed a meeting between disciplines, a clash of personalities and methods, a practice of autonomy for the students, and the opportunity to study advanced topics in more depth. There could be expressed another way to learn and teach. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- - Le Figaro 15/11/04 Paris, bad student for Education Mediocre results from kindergarten to high school and growing inequality analyzed by the General inspectorate "should be defined and apply a firm policy (… ) to heal the divide and the lack of social diversity that characterizes this academy, "the report concludes. The ball is in the rectory of the camp. Read more of the article The Academy decided to react "Not at all surprised." In the offices of the Academy of Paris, Pierre Polivka, the director, is rather pleased with the report of the General Inspectorate of Education on do the homework for me
evaluation of education in the capital (to read -above). "This report confirms the analysis we conducted when we arrived," he says. Namely: results well below what they should be in relation to the population of the capital and cultural benefits it offers, and a widening gap between students of privileged backgrounds and other gradually as they progress through school. "The scissors are constantly open from kindergarten to post-baccalaureate" says Peter Polivka. […] Still, the academic authorities are well advanced. Maurice Quenet, the rector of the academy, has indeed asked several months ago the development of an academic performance improvement of the City of Paris. The project responds in part to criticism by the report of the Inspectorate. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- Humanity’s seen nothing … 15/11/04 ———————————— —————- Le Parisien 15/11/04 what parents expect iS a decisive week for the future of the school. Francois Fillon finally set to release a long silence. After the submission of the report Thelot, a collection of proposals for "the success of all students" and weeks of meetings with teachers, teacher unions, parents of students, intellectuals and parliamentarians, the Minister of Education will announce Thursday at the France 2 program "100 Minutes to convince", the outline of the bill on the school, which will come into force in September 2006. But that will retain Francois Fillon of all these consultations , not to mention that of the public, which continues right now on the site dedicated to this famous law *? To believe the collected reactions - some 515 of 48 000 visits from just one month - the minister is not going to please everyone … Read More Article ———— ———————————— the Cross of Nothing seen … 15/11/04 - ———————————————– 20 minutes 15/11/04 Nothing seen … —————————————- ——— Le Monde 15/11/04 small steps of "mammoth" Claude Allegre, in 1997, was described as "mammoth". Travel in a huge administrative machine: the Ministry of Education. Here is the head of the "mammoth" in full cogitation: as every week, fourteen directors of the central administration of the Ministry of Education took place against key members of the Cabinet of Minister Francois Fillon. There is twelve men and two women in charge of operating the so-called "Rue de Grenelle" (Paris-7e), its million employees and 14 million pupils and students. The first of these directors manages 65 billion euros of "home". The second is responsible for the curriculum from kindergarten to high school. The third driver France’s largest personal service with no less than 900 000 teachers. The fourth oversees universities … The meeting takes place at 110 rue de Grenelle, in Rochechouart Hall, a building built in the late eighteenth century that houses the department for nearly two centuries. The place oozes history of the school and of the Republic Francois Guizot are instituted free primary education; Jules Ferry are promulgated secular education, free and compulsory … Like all visitors, officials borrowed the "grand staircase" decorated with portraits of the 172 ministers who have worked here. […] Against all conventional wisdom, rue de Grenelle is trying to accomplish its transformation. Slowly she learns not to manage everything from Paris and trust the "field". The "mammoth" has begun a severe weight loss cure: since 1985, the central government has seen its workforce fall by nearly a third from its internal modernization and decentralization of certain tasks to the education authorities. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- - Posted by Watrelot on Monday, November 15, 2004

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