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Friday, April 24th, 2009

CandlesCandles are an important cure used in balancing energy. One may wonder when there are lights why would you use candles in a home.

It is interesting to know that natural light emitted by a burning candle flame is very pleasing to look at and energizes the place.

Burning out a candle can clear the space of any negative vibes; it also helps to heal negative feelings of people living in the same place.

When you move in a house previously occupied by another tenant, you experience something called predecessors energy, it is better to burn a small candle several times over to eliminate these past energies and imprints. You may not be aware who lived there before and what kind of energy they have left behind; before it filters down to your own it is better to eliminate it.

Candles emit warmth and make the atmosphere cozy.

Candles should be burnt as and when necessary. They should not be too frequent; remember it is fire. An occasional one is fine. If the need is felt of many you could just place the relevant colored candle in the required area without actually burning them. They work as effectively.Tea Light

I personally prefer to burn tea lights and place unburned large candles as enhancers.

Red candles can be used to clear or energize the South direction. It helps to enhance name, fame and complete projects. However if you have secrets they could come out in the open too so beware.

Yellow candles enhance the South-West area of the home; they balance relations with friends, between lovers, and spouses. For romance you could burn a pair of pink candles in the South-West.

White candles are ideally used in the West and North-West region. They help invoke help from known or unknown helpers. They are good for the head of the family and his well being. They bring focus in thinking.

Dark blue or black candles can be used in the North of your house. They help the flow of life and remove road blocks. Spiritual seekers can benefit from them for bringing calm and settle emotions.

The North-East of your house is enhanced by yellow candles. These can help enhance knowledge and remove stress and strain in relationships of relatives living in the same house. Great cure for studies and academics.

Purple CandlesThe East and South-East of the home can be enhanced with green candles. They are particularly used to ease relations with family living outside the house. Popularly believed by cultures that believe in past lives; that these can appease ancestors too.
Burning purple candles washes off depression.

Orange candles bring joy.
White candles are peaceful.
Black candles work well for evil eye.
Red candles depict celebration.

A Pathway

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

A PathwayFeng Shui principles establish that whatever we see has an impact on our minds with or without awareness. Literally or figuratively speaking we choose objects in our surroundings which reflect our desires.
At times what we choose is quite contrary to what we desire. For example a single woman seeking a relationship may encounter difficulties in finding a match; but if we observe we may encounter that all her belongings may be in singles. Like photo frames, pen stand, even a lone chair suggests singular message to the cosmos. Hence if such is the case keeping things around in pairs would be a subtle message to the cosmos that you are ready to welcome another in your life.
A pathway depicts movement from where you are to onward journey; if such a picture is placed strategically located to be in view; it is your constant reminder for smooth movement in the flow of life. The ideal place in your home would be the first thing you see when you enter the house or the Northern section of your house. It is a great enhancer for your Career and Ambitions.