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A Prayer Room or Alter

Monday, December 29th, 2008

The Prayer Room or Alter in Your Home
The Prayer Room or Alter in your home is the most Sacred Space in your home.

Sacred Space

It is the point wherein every member of the house bows in respect to the being or deity you worship or bow to. It is not important what path or rituals you follow, however simple or basic they may be, if you only in times of need this spot can provide you with inner strength, or focus it becomes your place of worship.Space clearing rituals, like lighting a lamp or candles, burning incense, offering flowers or sweets, ringing bells, chanting or any other simple routine ritual can help to recharge this place.

  • A prayer room should be placed aside from your mundane place of activity; with no disturbance around.
  • It should allow you peace to focus and contemplate.

  • It should be simple, pleasing and decorative to suit your culture and beliefs.
  • It should not be placed against a toilet wall or facing a toilet door.
  • It need not necessarily be religious but must inspire you spiritually.
  • It should have a soothing calming and meditative quality to it.
  • An Alter if placed in your bedroom should not be placed at the foot of your bed; or rather your feet should not be pointed towards the Alter.
  • It should be neat and clean.
  • The top surface should not be used for storage or any other activity.
  • Remember to give your prayer space a place of pride in your home.

The Fox Impresses the Mighty Tiger.

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Once A hungry tiger thought he would eat the fox; presumably a friend.
The cunning fox on knowing this was disturbed; he wanted to find an escape and came up with a plan. He went confidently to the tiger and told him that

Fox impresses the mighty Tiger

he was more powerful than a tiger so he could not be eaten by one. On hearing this; the tiger was amused and confused and asked him to prove himself.

The fox asked the tiger to take a walk through the forest with him and see for himself how the animals dreaded him (the fox).
They set out together next morning across the forest. Seeing the two walking around all the animals began to flee. The fox was thrilled to see the amazement on the tiger’s face. This proved the fox’s point and saved his life.
Little did the tiger realize that it was him the animals feared and fled.

Message: Those that befriend a person feared have the same privileges.

Schools of Feng-Shui

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Introduction to the different schools of Fengshui

Busy StreetGetting familiar with different theories and their application to problems can be at times confusing. An adept FengShui Master with experience is like a family physician, who knows exactly what system to apply and how much to implement to get the desired results.

Remember his/her expertise is the key to correct a given situation. Many a times the wait for results can be long; in such case either your patience is tested or some quick fix remedy is necessary to soothe the person facing the problem; until the changes occur on the deeper level. However your own faith is very helpful in speeding the correction process.

Form SchoolMountain House

The Form School uses the shapes and forms of the surrounding landscape, waterways, roads, by lanes to determine the Fengshui of a structure. It also helps to study the effects of poison arrows emitting from sharp corners of building structures surrounding your homes and how these shapes affect lives of people living or working in a structure.

The four cardinal directions of the compass are represented by the Four Animals.

The Green Dragon represents the East
The White Tiger represents the West
The Red Phoenix belongs to the South
The Black Tortoise depicts the North.

Compass School
Compass Compass School uses the four cardinal and the four sub-cardinal directions to analyze the Fengshui of the space. As also each one of us too has four good compass directions and four bad compass directions based on the year of birth.

A building’s sitting direction determines whether it is an East or West Group structure.Layout

Each compass direction has an element associated with it: e.g. Water, wood, earth, metal, or fire.

Utilizing the best compass directions for sleeping and working helps us support our life goals.

Flying Stars

It is one of the most effective methods to design and correct space. It is equally effective in its application to homes offices or any other business structures.

Colors, designs, shapes of furniture, themes related to lifestyle or activity in a given premise can be decided by this method. Aligning doors, making structural changes or any other major renovations must consider the flying stars of the structure. It is the effect of stars on space.

Black-Hat Feng-Shui

This is a modern version of Fengshui developed in Ba-Guathe mid 1980s especially when Fengshui traveled to the West. It’s a combination of Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, Psychology and Traditional Fengshui and is based on a more spiritual approach than scientific. It uses visual and suggestive methods to aid and support the thinking and life of the follower. It is very fast and effective to fix problems. The structure is divided into eight sections and a Ba-Gua map is aligned with the entry door, rather than actual compass directions. Each section corresponds to a different life aspect. Placing of symbols and intent is emphasized. By simply aligning your main Door-Line on the diagram alongside you can locate the areas concerning different life aspects. Simple cures can be used in these areas to enhance the respective space.

Fengshui for Wealth

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Feng Shui helps you to attract good ‘chi’ to enhance your wealth luck. Most of these cures as we refer to them in Feng Shui are based on the association of these features to the compass direction. They are effective and easy to implement.

Here’s how you can make a beginning:

Water FountainUse Water features- These are very powerful cures to attract abundance and fresh ‘Chi’. Images of flowing water - waterfalls, seas, rivers, etc are also very good, as water is a symbol of abundance and life sustenance. Water images with lots of foam and open views are especially powerful. However, there are certain areas in the home and business, where water cures should not be displayed, for example in the South or North- East area.

Citrine, for example, is long known for attracting wealth, as well strengthening your self-esteem. Citrine StoneIt can be placed in a strategic place or worn as jewelry on body.

If you wish to enhance your material wealth luck, sleep with your head pointed at your ‘Prosperity’ direction. To get your Prosperity direction check “Know Your Personality” Sleeping in this position ensures general good luck and well being of the person.

The kitchen stove is the symbol of life force energy generated in a home; it should be properly positioned as it is an important factor in Feng Shui. The stove should face the household breadwinner’s “Prosperity” direction.

DoorwayThe main door also plays a vital role in Feng Shui. If wealth luck has been less than desirable lately, check for any obstruction or negative features near your door.

The element of Southeast is Wood and the color is green. This part of your house can be enhanced with the color green, black or navy blue. Avoid too much Metal or Glass in this section of your home or office. Reds or browns can be undesirable here too.

The kitchen stove, also known as the ‘fire mouth’ should be properly positioned as it is an important factor in Feng Shui. The stove can have a reflector behind like a mirror, steel panel or simply an aluminium foil sheet taped to the wall behind the burners; make sure it is big enough to reflect the stove. This doubles your luck.Fish Tank

An aquarium or pond with some fish (Ideally 8 gold and 1 black fish) will enhance the look and feel of your household. Balance its energy for growth. It can be suitably placed in the East or South- east direction.

Colors are also beneficial in attracting good ‘chi’. In the North of your home or office, display some items in black or navy blue color, Metal objects in pleasing features are great here too.