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Healing Colors

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Color therapy is often used in the healing rooms of alternative health practitioners. Color therapy is classified as a vibrational healing modality. Vibrational medicines incorporate the use of chi/energy within living organisms such as plants, gemstones and crystals, water, sunlight, and sound. By harnessing these forces for actual use in the process of healing and cleansing; vast improvements can be achieved.
Color is a form of visible light, consisting of electromagnetic energy. The seven colors of the rainbow have their own individual healing properties. So does white light in its entire splendor gives heat and heals with its warmth. The Sun alone is a wonderful healer. It is the primary source of all life existing on this plane and the main source of health and healing. Not surprising that lack of sunlight can be rather depressing to many people.
Color healing essentially involves color light, use of the required color in clothes ambiance, other accessories or visualizing the same for the balancing of colors. Auto-suggestions to balance energies lacking essential vitality could also be used in any area requiring healing related to physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental energy.
You can use colored transparent glass to look through light to improve color visualizing.

The Basic Elemental healing Colors are:


The healing color of the kidneys, reflection, creativity, search for life purpose.

GreenThe healing color of the liver, growth, encouraging speed, to support beginnings.

RedThe healing color of the heart, vitality and lifting spirit, to infuse ambition.

Yellow Yellow: The healing color of the spleen, digestion, expansion, nurturing, gathering.

White White: The healing color of the lungs, bringing focus, meditation, learning, spirituality.

Supportive Healing Colors are:

Orange Stimulates appetite, Lifts mood, helps overcome depression, induces optimism

MagentaStrengthens aura, helps find life goals, stimulates amibition, mood lifter.

PinkSupports emotions, brings joy, makes one feel loved, encourages romance and comfort.

Turquoise Soothing and relaxing, brings calm, brings ease, and sensitizes skin, excellent disinfect environment, de-stresses.

BlueEmotionally soothing, good to sooth blood pressure, heals the mind, helps control bleeding.

Purple / VioletSpiritually healing, helps to fight addictions, cleansing, calming, good for heart healing, heals emotions, supports meditation.

Feng-Shui of Shapes and Colors

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Fengshui corrections are interesting and fine tuned to suit individual needs as per the taste and decor of the space in question.
The Shapes and Colors referred to during such an audit are based on the Chinese Theory of the “Five Elements”. Ideally you could take broad guidelines from the following analysis and try out some corrections on your own.
The basic five elements are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

Elemental Cycle of Creation and Control

Representation of these elements is not always made of any one object or material as named. We can use the shape and color or feature of an object to define its element, not necessarily the material alone.
Taking for example the color you choose for a room, if you need the element of fire than its associated color is red but you could use purple, orange, pink or even sky blue as all of these are fire colors.Mixed colors have less or no good or bad effects.
If any color is to be avoided then it should not be the major proportion of a mixed shade.
T he same holds good for shapes and features. A square object is clearly an earth element, but if something is basically square with a round section then both the earth and metal elements are present.
Judgment is the key to determine how much of each element makes up the object or color and if an undesirable one is only there in small quantities, then it can be ignored. Generally, one element will dominate and only that one is to be the one to be considered. A second may be important, but attempting to work with too many would become confusing and impractical.
Colors: Dark blue, Black or Grey
Shapes: Wavy or irregular
Examples: - Dark blue curtains or fabric, black objects, Grey walls or ceiling.
Colors: Green, Blue/green
Shapes: Long & thin, tall shapes
Examples: - Plants, shrubs, trees, poles, vertical patterns.
Colors: Red, Pink, Orange, Purple and Sky blue.
Shapes: Triangular
Examples: - Real fire, candles, lights and mirrors.
Colors: Brown, Yellow, Beige and White
Shapes: Square, Rectangular
Examples: - Wooden tables or furniture, Square ceramic plant pots, tiles or brick patterns.
Colors: White, Silver, Gold and Rust
Shapes: Round, Oval, Spherical
Examples - Metal objects, Spherical or round objects.
For Example: Wind chimes and chiming clocks can be used as metal elements; as in such case it is the sound of metal that is important. A wind chime in a quiet corner which does not ring is useless as it will not serve the purpose. A chiming clock is a good remedy as the round shape can also suggest metal so can a white dial. The regularity of the chime is helpful as an ongoing cure. The #5 time star( Flying Stars) is particularly well cured by this remedy; a swinging round metal pendulum makes things even better but should not be used in the South-West direction as it may cause health problems.