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Solving a Problem

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

PathwayWhen the going gets rough, what can one do?

Look around you to see if others are sailing in the same boat or do you find that you have been singled out for the rough ride. In such instance you sure can find some solution; for the answer narrows down to one person only. In case you find that others by and large are facing the same set of difficulties than the problem lies in the big picture; which by the way is not largely in your hands.

In the earlier instance you can find a solution and try to better your situation. First and foremost approach the issue; is it personal? job related, concerns home issues, relationships and so on……..

PathwayPersonal issues can be addressed by searching in astrological solutions; the options available are Nine-Ki-Astrology, Four Pillars of Destiny, or Chinese Astrology.

Job related issues can be assisted by the above coupled with Fengshui solutions placed in the office or workplace. Some simple corrections could be truly helpful.

Home issues can be simply corrected by application of Fengshui cures in your home.

Complicated relationship problems need all of the above methods and a lot of couMetal Bowlnseling individually or together taking the person/persons concerned into confidence.

In most instances the corrections can bring about results in a couple of weeks, one moon cycle i.e. a month or may be an entire year or even more depending on the magnitude, intensity of the problem, and the number of people involved.

In all of the above solutions the attitude, faith and mind set of the individual concerned is of prime importance.

Blue Door MatA positive mind, belief in oneself and strength of faith can speed up the turning around of circumstances in ones favor.

All in all no matter what path you follow with the right attitude success is guaranteed.

A simple start can be implemented by enhancing the north of the home or office to allow solutions to flow in or clear way for better thinking.Ceramic Bowl

  • The correction can be to place a metallic/ceramic/glass decorative bowl of water with a spoonful of salt in it; the quantity of water should at least be about 250 ml or a little more and it should be changed everyday. The used water should be flushed down not used for any other purpose as it absorbs negativity.
  • You can place a picture or poster of a pathway suitable size and pleasing Black Door Matto look at in the north for the same purpose.
  • A black or deep navy blue door mat is also recommended. All of the above or a combination of these can be used.

The Most Important Thing

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Once upon a time, long long ago in China there lived a Great King; he set out to seek the Truth. He wanted to be the most loved king and excel as a ruler. He was troubled by three questions

1. What was the most important time?

2. Who was the most important person?

3. What was the most important thing to do?

He set out alone riding his favorite horse, to meet a wise old sage who lived in the forest. The journey was long and tiring; being alone he had to look for food and water; he felt feeble and both he and his horse were tired too. In a daze he fell off the horse and fainted. Some wood cutters passing by carried him to the Sage’s hut. The king had badly injured his foot and was unconscious.

The Most Important Thing

After a couple of days when he came to awareness he noticed the sage was cleaning and bandaging his wounded foot. He was told that he would have to stay there for a few days. The news was not sent to his kingdom of the same as no one knew in the forest that he was the king. He looked perturbed and thoughtful all the time. The king was amazed to see the sage looked calm, serene and happy all the time.

The next day when the sage was bandaging his foot some important visitors arrived from the neighboring kingdom; they had to wait a long time till he was done and only then did the old man meet them. Later in the day the king asked the sage his three questions. The man smiled and told him that the very same morning the answers to his questions were given. He went on to explain that when the old man was cleaning and bandaging the King’s foot in the morning; it was the most important time to do what he was doing, the king was the most important person to him at that time; and bandaging his foot was the most important thing to do at that time.

It made perfect sense the King realized; he was overjoyed to get his answers and wanted to make a huge offering to the sage; but the old man had by now recognized the king and asked him to follow the three principles in performing his duties towards his subjects; that would be his reward; which in turn made him the most loved king ever.

Remember when you decide to do some thing; now is the best time. The person you are doing it for is the most important person at that time. And what you are doing at that time is the most important thing.