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Glass, Crystals, Art Objects

Monday, August 25th, 2008

CrystalsGlass, Crystal objects and Art objects made with the use of mirrors are treated in Feng shui as fire energies. These objects form an important ingredient in correction pf space. The crystal mentioned hereCrystals should not be mixed with stone crystals such as Quartz, Tourmaline, Citrine, Jasper, Cornelian etc. these qualify as earth energies.

We are taking into consideration the crystal objects made from purified lead glass. The kind of cut glass used as decorative table ware and display objects.

CrystalsCrystal ware is high in its energy content and can help to uplift or brighten the energy of a place. As an example we can consider the use of a Chandelier or decorative glass light holders and shades; used to brighten the interior designs of rooms.Crystals

Mirrors have a very special appeal to brighten the interiors of living spaces and are widely used by interior designers. Placement of big mirrors to visually open up passages and expand rooms is an example of creating a feel of space expanse.

CrystalsMirrors can also create an illusion of a window or bring in a pleasing view. Such illusory décor can surely brighten up even a small work area and make it pleasing.Crystals

Crystal objects also represent affluence and attract wealth if placed strategically in living rooms. Crystal objects should always be displayed; never packed and stacked away.

Wind Chimes

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes have a variety of uses in Feng shui, depending on their size, material, symbols, and design. Popularly they are available in various metals, ceramic, clay, glass, bamboo and in a variety of designs and combinations of the number of rods. Both kinds; the ones that have solid or hollow tubes; have specific uses as per recommendation of the practitioners. The six and eight rod Feng shui wind chimes are the most popularly used; as these numbers are treated as auspicious.

Wind ChimesWind ChimesThe five rod wind chime is used as a protective charm against negative energies. Although many Feng shui practitioners recommend using wind chimes indoors, you can certainly use them outdoors, where they will attract even more energy. Ideally the placement must be such that the wind can gently tease the wind chime. Wind chimes in the East are specifically recommended by Feng shui consultants for harmony in family relations; care must be taken to use one that has a soft lilting metal musical sound.

Fishes and their Symbolism

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Fish PaintingThe fish as a symbolic creature represents abundance and wealth. Feng shui practitioners recommend having fishes and double fishes as good luck charms.
Yu, which means fish, phonetically matches the word for abundance, which might be a coincidence but is symbolic as well. It is very Fish Tasselcommon to see objects representing fishes in many Chinese houses, most of the times in the kitchen but sometimes in the living rooms as well. Any suggestion of fishes even if it happens to be a design looking like fish scales is also considered to bring in wealth luck.
Fishes are an abundant source of nourishment and the staple diet of many oriental countries, especially those that line the ample shores and islands in Asia. It is a natural source of human sustenance which can be found in abundance.

Fish Clusters Fish is also seen as a symbol of fertility. Fishes are believed to be survivors and multiply in abundance. They exist in clusters and move as a team which makes them symbolize unity and marriage. A fish is believed to be a symbol of life renewal. They show strength of survival.

Fish Painting

The Chinese believe that luck comes in pairs. They believe that a pair in any feature is a symbol of abundance; hence double fishes represent unity, marriage and abundance not only in food provisions but also in children and family and happiness in general. Having double fishes in the living room or the room in which the family gathers to eat is a great way of assuring abundance in all aspects and for all the family members.

The Hulu

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Hulu TasselThe hulu, also known as, kalabash, calabash or ulu, is an ancient Chinese charm.

It is one of those useful charms that have been trusted to enhance a variety of aspects.

The hulu is generally preferred in its natural form made from vegetable material i.e. a variety of the bottle gourd. It is also made fromJade Hulu Jade and can be available in metal form too.

This charm when placed besides a patient’s bedside can assist healing. It can be used to ward off unwanted negative energies of a place, at times even those that are strong and offensive. A pair of small jade hulus can enhance a relationship if placed in the marriage or relationshipMetal Hulu area of the bedroom.

Several myths in ancient China associate aspects like longevity, womb, magic, and the Universe with this mystical charm. It has for centuries been used by Fengshui practitioners(an ancient art of placement) for curing several problems; goes without saying the long standing experience with this cure; which has evolved by trial and error and perfected in its present usage.