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Feng Shui and Living

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Live life to the fullest
Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. The principles of Feng Shui aim at achieving a perfect balance in life. Did you know you could begin with yourself first; before you look at your house? You would be surprised to know; that the simple things in life go a long way to build a healthy environment for our families and us.Spend time with your family

1. Eat healthy food for health is wealth.

2. Drink lots of water, it keeps your system calm and clean.

Get enough sleep3. Get enough sleep, it increases focus and keeps you happy.

4. Keep a healthy exercise and meditation routine to nurture your body and soul.

5. Spend time with loved ones, there is no substitute to the joy it can give you.Be happy in life

6. Keep healthy company, for that’s where you build your mind set.

7. Laugh a lot, life is meant to enjoy.

Spend time with Nature8. Keep a positive and happy approach to life; nothing can bog you down if you have the right attitude.

9. Love yourself, for you are the best.

10. Give yourself time to connect to Nature, that’s where you learn to live in the attitude of gratitude.


Doors and Windows

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Merging your lifestyle with the ancient wisdom of Feng shui; we can arrive at a more holistic way of dealing with life’s House View problems.

Doors and Windows to your home play a very important role as they bring in Sheng-Chi (good energy)

Doorways should be attractive beautiful and welcoming. Windows must face good view and beautiful vistas. In case of views or features mentioned below care must be taken to correct and beautify the same.

Avoid If You Can……..

And Watch Out for these Please from your Door and Windows


Door View1. The sight of a garbage dump at the approach of your living place.

2. A heap of rubble lying unattended near your house entrance.

3. A garbage bin permanently stationed outside your mainDoor View door.

4. A garbage bin kept overnight out for pick up outside your main door.

5. Broken staircase or broken tiles right at your entrance.

6. Missing name plate, or an old worn out name plate. (It may be shocking to note some doors bear name plates of dead relatives well past their demise, to some it means a gestureDoor View of sentiment but as far as Feng shui goes an undesirable feature)

7. Dry, dead or unkempt plants at the entrance.

8. Popped out bulb or a precariously hanging external light bulb holder.

9. A creaking non lubricated hinge of your main door making a moaning sound as you open your door to welcome a guest.

10. A safety door with vertical bar grill giving you a jailed effect ifDoor View seen from the out side.

11. To many homes; a split door giving away the amount of arguments and differences of opinion existing in your home.

12. Lack of proper lighting, making the lobby dark and depressing..
All these and many more features which can be easily corrected happen to exist right at our door causing difficulties in our lives. If not all even some of these corrections could bring ease in your lives.


Window viewSo far we have dealt with the main entrance now let consider the windows.

1. The view from windows; if offensive can be less damaging than your main door; however it can not be fully ignored. Depending on the kind of energy coming from these windows; one can decide whichWindow view of these can be kept open and which need to be partially screened. Some of them may need to be covered with double lined curtains; to prevent sha chi (bad energy) from coming in.

2. Many a time we notice a sharp corner directly pointing at a window or door; these sharp corners throw negative energy which needs to beWindow view deflected.

3. In some homes we may find view of another house of quarrelsome neighbors may rub on some of the discord.

4. The view of the ‘T’ junction of a road or an alley directlyWindow view pointing towards a door or window can have serious effect.

5. The view of open sewage or filthy waterway can bring in a lot of problems irrespective of the distance.

6. Care must be taken if a burial place, cemetery, or crematorium is visible from a window.

Spiritual Feng Shui

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008


Farm HouseFeng shui literally means ‘Wind’ and ‘Water’. It has evolved with centuries of trial and error methods applied to different aspects of life. The big question is even if its origin is attributed to China; the aboriginals of different cultures in different parts of the world practiced it in their own way. The Africans, Red Indians, Asians, Europeans all had their own understanding of natural surroundings and commonsense application had them practicing Natural EnvironmentFeng shui with perhaps another name.
Dealing with the natural environment physically, mentally and emotionally must have been the aim and objective of the Sages who worked and coined Feng shui for us in its present form. Its depth is still mystery to our minds.

Outside of House
It goes without saying that a student of Feng shui is learning with every case be it a house, office, factory, farm —– the list can be endless.

Let us look into the basics of this intriguing subject with the understanding of the five elements; which with their interplay create the fascinating environment around us.

The Five Elements
The five elements in nature keep transforming changing their nature from one to another. These energy forms can be categorized into five types represented by WATER, WOOD FIRE, EARTH and METAL. It is very to note that these elements have been thus described to better understand the nature of these energies and should not be mistaken to be the energy itself.

Lake houseWATER: Let us try to understand this element; firstly by enumerating some of the characteristics of water. Water is transparent, cool, malleable, deep, spreading, always flowing, gets easily polluted, has no boundaries, water can be channeled not controlled. Water seeks its own level; it can find its way out of any place. Water can put out a fire, it can generate electricity; in vast expanses water can make one fearful. The major portion of earth surface comprises of water. These attributes make it easy for us to understand the energy identifying it with different imageries created by the physical association of water. So it can now be clear that water is the closest example to understand the energy; not the energy itself.

WOOD: The active growth of creepers, plants, trees, shrubs and bushes create the images of the potential ofLog House this form of energy to boost growth. Wood here is akin more to green foliage than actual wood. Wood has persistence for growth; we can see this aspect in creepers and trees which will climb over to get sunshine or go deep into earth to get water for sustenance. Wood is tenacious; it can hibernate in winter and bloom again when spring arrives. It can be supportive, protective; say like a huge banyan tree which allows smaller trees to grow under its shelter. It can protect birds and life forms; nurture them with its fruits and offer shelter to them. However it is also true that trees will stand tall and fight for their share of sunshine as in an equatorial forest, hence it comes across that ‘Trees’ are survivors.

FIRE: Images of fire can give its various attributes, fire is fireseparating, it may start on a spread out surface but tends to gather up as it goes higher. Fire can char, it can melt metal burn down many things to ashes, fire is a purifier, and you cannot go too close to it. Fire can be the blazing sun, it can be mellow sunshine; it can be a kitchen fire or a volcano. Fire can mature crops; there can be no life without fire. It can spread quickly; as in a forest fire. It can have the soothing sight of a candle flame, or comforting like a bon fire. The fire of the mind can be; Words of wisdom, spiritually enlightening people who hear them. Thus represented fire comes closest to the most hyper active type of energy of the creative cycle.

EARTH: The element of earth is the expression of our physical existence. It denotes allEarth that is tangible, material and nurturing of growth around us. Right from dry earth, mountains, valleys, mud, clay, silt to the many manifestation of nature you can think of. The dry earth projects the building material for shelter and the soft moist earth for growth of life forms. Earth can be giving and receiving all at once, like Mother Nature it takes everything in its fold. Our worldly possessions are the manifestation of earth. Earth can be stubborn unyielding and unrelenting; it can be like a brick wall, protective but unmoving. It is the first element in the reclining cycle after the peak at which fire stands.
Earth projects the slow steady pace of energy needed for growth; say like a germinating seed; its nature is as if every thing is at a standstill yet the growth is taking place silently.

METAL: Metal represents the sedimentation of energy, Domes and Steeplesit is active but its force is focused inwards, this form is like concentrated existence of energy. It may have a malleable form like gold or silver or appear like ore in its raw form. It can also manifest in the tough form as steel for building bridges or homes. Metal is like a focused mind, which can by its level of focus search inwards to discover mysteries of existence, like in research and invention. Unyielding and unrelenting it is tough and tenacious. Metal is like gas or clouds. It can condense to generate water