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The Main Door

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

EntranceThe ‘Main Door’ to your house is the entry for the life force energy to your home. It decides to a great extent the kind of life you lead. If for example, you have a simple functional door, with a standard name plate, a plain ordinary approach and decor, some light, enough for visibility; it means the house is functional, an average working person will have no problems with the kind of energy available, the occupants could be spending most of their time out and perhaps come in only to rest, sleep or eat.

ArchwayHowever in another case we consider a house with a pleasing decorative door; arched and designed beautifully. A fancy nameplate, with some decorative lights in the entrance area; a welcome feature on the door, some clean, healthy and beautiful plants placed comfortably near the entrance, smelling pleasant. It indicates that the occupants of that particular house are creative, love to live luxuriously, are attracted to spend their time home and so on…….

LobbyIt remains solely a matter of choice how you choose to live. In any case we need to agree that any home simply needs a door which can look welcoming enough to the eyes of a stranger only then will life force energy knock at your door.

Beware even an offensive smelling garbage can kept outside, only at night for pick; could drive energy away

Spritual Center

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008


The Center

The very ‘Center’ of the house is like its Heart Center. This part of the home is known as the ‘Spiritual Core’, and is the perfect place for members of the household to spend time with each other. The energy of this part of the house sends vibrations to the rest of the house like ripples; it tends to float around and sets the mood of the place.

Many a times this part happens to be a dark passage or a storage area which is pressed down by a cluttered loft. In such cases care must be taken to keep the area well lit and organized. A beautiful yellow feature; in the form of a painting; or a flower arrangement canHall uplift the energy here. It is an excellent place to get in tune with oneself.

If you are searching for a relationship, or are having problems within a relationship, spend some quality time by yourself in this part of your home.

This is a good place for meditation. If you do not know how to meditate, simply relax here. Take several deep breaths, close your eyes, and consciously relax different parts of your body. When you feel totally relaxed, concentrate on your breath and let your mind wander wherever it will. HallYou may find deep Inner Peace that you never knew existed; just let go; when you your eyes you will feel refreshed, relaxed and empowered to move on in life.

Spending time on your own; may be fifteen to twenty minutes; in the spiritual center of your home periodically; can be very beneficial to your physical, mental and spiritual self.