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Fengshui in your Bedroom

Monday, April 28th, 2008

BedroomApplying the principles of to the bedroom can have soothing and nourishing effect on you. Remember you need harmony, rejuvenation and peace in your bedroom. For an ideal bedroom you must not place mirrors and water features in your bedroom. Your bedroom must have soft soothing lights. It must be clean, free of clutter and comfortable. Avoid too much storage over head or under the beds. Do not keep sharp pointed objects around. Features or paintings depicting violence or offensive objects should be avoided. You can use scented candles incense or aromas to uplift the energy. Use comfortable and pleasing linen. Do away with pictures of wild animals in your bedroom.

Try to avoid……….

Four Pillars of Destiny

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

“Four pillars of destiny”

is a powerful tool in understanding Chinese astrology at deeper levels. It is a very exciting tool for a sincere student of astrology. An amazing series of surprising revelations may appear as we unfold patterns of life events when reading a persons destiny. Certain simple calculations can give us deeper understanding and possible solutions to a reading.

WOOD (Yang) +Wood
It’s represented by mature trees, pillars, forest thickets, dark green color; its location is in the southeast and the trigram is wind.

A person belonging to this element is creative, free flowing, adventurous, generally social, loves nature, resourceful.

WOOD (Yin)

Yin Wood

Yin wood is an imagery of fresh grass, tender branches, creepers, light green color; the direction is east, the trigram is thunder.

A Yin wood person is thoughtful, caring, loves nature, quick thinker, quick learner, has immense tenacity, likes to be by himself, quick tempered.

FIRE (Yang)
The image closest in representation to yang fire is the sun, huge fire bodies like forest fires, furnaces, volcanoes are also imageries of yang fire, the direction associated is south, the trigram is fire.
The Yang fire person is hyper expressive, forceful, loves attention, passionate about almost everything, enjoys center stage, critical, project strong presence, have strong beliefs.

FIRE (Yin) –
Yin Fire Yin fire feels like the soft soothing flame of a candle, kitchen fire and mellow sunshine, direction is south. And Trigram is- fire.
A Yin fire person is attractive, seeks and always gets attention, is idealistic, can be a good counselor, is quite convincing, can be a part of a group but hold different ideas.

EARTH (Yang) +earth
Bricks, stones, pillars, dry earth and building material are representing yang earth, the direction is south west and the Trigram is – earth.
A person belonging to this element is caring but not overly expressive, holds perhaps his own but orthodox views at times, he could be a nature lover but from afar, at times he could be cold or harsh, a disciplinarian.

Yin Earth Rich farm soil, mud, clay, soft silt are all images of yin earth, the direction is south west, and the Trigram is earth.
A Yin earth person can be caring and nurturing, generally gets his appreciation rather late, he is generally the last to think about himself, a good organizer, very efficient worker to fall back upon.

METAL (Yang) +
Yang metal is like picturing images of strong sturdy metal bridges, steel building material, the direction is northwest, and the Trigram is heaven.
A Yang metal person is focused, very family oriented, has strong views, is strict, tends to shout or keep distance from his sub- ordinates, generally intellectual or academically inclined, capable of taking charge of big responsibilities.

Yin Metal Soft malleable metals like gold, silver, ornaments, sharp metal blades as in knives and swords are some images of yin metal, direction is west and the Trigram is lake.
A Yin metal person is friendly, fun to be with, loves the good things of life, seldom depressed, loves wining and dining, is diplomatic, can terminate things with finesse, he can be deep and thoughtful, can be revengeful.

WATER (Yang) + Water
Vast stretches of water like the ocean, waterfalls, downpour of rain represent yang water, the direction is north, and Trigram is water.
A Yang water person is fond of company, artistic, social, good at negotiation, can be moody at times, he can feel insecure at times for no valid reason, is deep thinking, may seem light hearted but has a lot of depth.

Yin Water Yin water is represented by features like; light shower of rain, streams, lakes, small water falls, ponds, dew, and springs of water.
A Yin water person is social, needs to do some thing all the time, a good peace maker, at times pessimistic, impartial, prone to depressions, thinks a lot, can get very fearful.

“Compatibility Factor”

Rat - Horse, Dog.Fengshui Animals

Rabbit - Ox, Rabbit, Sheep, Dog, Pig.

Dragon - Rat, Dragon, Monkey.

Snake - Ox, Dragon, Snake, Rooster, Dog.

Horse - Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Sheep, Dog.

Sheep - Rabbit, Horse, Sheep, Pig.

Monkey - Rat, Dragon, Monkey.

Rooster - Ox, Dragon, Snake.

Dog - Rat, Tiger, Rabbit, Snake, Horse, Monkey.

Pig - Rat, Rabbit, Dragon, Sheep, Pig.

1xBet Registration in Zambia - Mobile App Down load for Live Football

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

1xBet Registration in Zambia - Mobile App Down load for Live Football

1xBet is a Russian bookmaker that is typical due to the amazingly rich range of gambling offers:

Bets on football and about 50 other sport types with up to 1 four hundred possibilities for a bet per match
A lot more than 4 000 casino games provided by nearly 90 diverse developers
Gamble on virtual sport types like Fifa 19 and dozens of others
Two poker rooms with daily free tournaments with true prizes
eight jackpot games from which you are with 100% free of charge involvement
+ even more not that popular free online games in our country like stop, TV games, financial trading bets, gammon, lotteries and many other
If you want to have a great access to all of these, please, feel free to read our 1xBet Nyimba, zambia review and you will learn anything about gambling in this bookmaker.

Guides meant for online registration in 1xBet Zambia
Over the following lines we are going to tell you making a registration through the iphone app for 1xBet Zambia (the process is identic in the rest website versions – the mobile or the computer’s desktop version).

So , when you open the application you will notice fields for user IDENTIFICATION and password. These lines are usable only if words a registration. Otherwise, best in the bottom of the web page you will see a button Registration. At the time you click on it you will see a menu with 4 options:

Full sign up
Quick sign up
Registration using a click
Sociable webs
Once you choose any of these 4 alternatives, you will see another menu with fields and there’ t guide what to fill in every one of them. When you are done with filling in the fields in the bottom kept corner you will see a green group of friends button. When clicking on the button if you have no problems in the fields you have completed, your 1xBet registration gets complete. You should confirm the registration via an mail or SMS message only when you select the full or the quick registration.

Here’ s where the question which in turn option to select to make a enrollment comes. If you wish to get a account as soon as possible, we recommend one to choose the option for a signing up with a click or the 1 via the social webs. In 1xBet registration with a click on the user enters only his / her country and the currency that sounds as the most convenient a single for the future betting activity, whilst in the registration via social webs the whole necessary information the bookie needs to receive is going to be automatically imported via the chosen social web profile. 60 that the most popular social webs these days – like Fb – can be no longer intended for making a registration in 1xBet.

1xBet Deposits
Put in methods and limits
One of the main problems Zambian users face when using 1xBet is the depositing process in the website as the most preferred payment methods for our local target audience – like Airtel or MTN – are not available in this betting house. MTN as a whole isn’ t offered at all, while Airtel deposit just don’ t work on the moment we are writing this kind of 1xBet review.

Yet, you’ ve received more than 20 other options to select from and we truly hope you can find at least one among all of them that sounds suitable for you seeing that later, when you get ready together with your first deposit and to start out your betting activity, throughout this gambling website the offers are going to amaze you. Among the methods that might seem appropriate and convenient for you we find the debit and charge cards MasterCard and Visa. They are now available in Zambia and some of you might already have registrations in one or even more online e-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill, Payeer or EcoPayz. In 1xBetwe likewise find deposits and withdrawals via EntroPay. The most advanced users in IT world also can fund their accounts with bitcoins.

The Russian bookie doesn’ capital t allow the customers to deposit less than 8 kwacha.

Guides for build up in 1xBet Zambia
If you are now inside the mobile app you must see a menu that can be opened by clicking on the top left side of your smartphone or tablet. In the top position in this same menu you will see button that lets you account your account.

When you get in the deposit site you will see all the available repayment methods that are available in Nyimba, zambia. Then, when you click on any of these options you should type in the number of your financial transaction reconciling with the minimum deposit amount the bookmaker has established. Last, but is not least, press the switch for deposit confirmation.

In the end, we would say that this process distinguishes depending on the payment method you have chosen, but as a complete you should always make an additional deal confirmation in the sake of your financial safety. For instance, in the case of a deposit with a Visa bank card you will have to type in your card data in another authorized website.

1xBet Resignation
When you want to create a withdrawal via an application you should enter your personal profile page you choose to see the button for your current task (your personal profile can be opened when simply clicking the icon that is seen most suitable above the menu we have just told you to use for your deposits).

You can use debit and credit cards for withdrawals, too, but please, take into account that the minimum withdrawal volume through this specific payment technique is quite bigger – K 760. The rest of the withdrawal repayment methods the minimum quantities start from K 16.

Guides for placing bet in 1xBet Zambia
Placing a bet is slower via the app than via the website, nonetheless this is definitely not such a big deal. Here’ s the full procedure, including guides as to how to get and choose bets types and then, placing them in your gamble slip:

1 ) Open the menu from your top left corner
2 . Press Sport
3. Select sport – for example , footballing
4. Find the championship / tournament / contest – for instance, the UEFA Championship League
5. Select the event or the match
6. Make a selection – for example X2 of the market double chance
7. 1 . If this is going to be the sole selection in your bet slip, press Place bet inside the menu that has just appeared
7. 2 . If you want to add another assortment, press Add to bet slide and continue betting. Following each added selection you will notice the button for starting the bet slip continuously. When you add the last function. Press on the button to see the final total odd. Previous, but not least press Guess if this odd sounds to you fair and profitable!
1xBet Zambia Bonuses
1xBet is more generous that the rest of the international betting operators in Zambia that offer only 25% or 50% of the money as bonuses. Here, in 1xBet you will be spoilt with 100% deposit bonus. as any other bonus in any bookmaker, this offer comes with its own terms and conditions, too.

Guides for receiving and playing 1xBet Welcome Bonus
1 . Fill in the facts in your account and then, produce a deposit
2 . Your bonus will be quickly credited to your account. You shouldn’ t do anything else, nevertheless the things from the previous step.
3. Nowadays the playing bonus method starts and it will last 30 days. Within this period you should place bets at a total amount that depends on the deposit, respectively the added bonus amount you will be credited with. The formula is designed that way: you should play in wagering activity the amount of your money multiplied with 5. And please, don’ t ignore that it is very necessary for this amount to be confirmed while played only if you spend this in multiple betslips every with at least several selections.
four. When (or if) you succeed in gathering the necessary quantity in your betting activity to plat the bonus all the limits over the bonus quantity disappear and you can do what ever you want with it, including to make a withdrawal.
Alternative promotions
Lucky Friday Offer
A brand new totally bonus with the same conditions and terms as to the playing requirement, good results . a smaller required amount – the amount you need to play right here is the deposit amount multiplied with 3 – is, even though, coming with a shorter period of time: only a day.

On the other side, Friday is the just day of the week the moment 1xBet Zambia provides this kind of bonus.

X2 Wednesday Promotion
Here we find the same requirements to receive the bonus, but this time the promotion comes in Thursday but it has several particular terms and conditions to get eligible to receive it:

1 . The customer should have participated in Lucky Friday Present
2 . If the first requirement is came to the realization, the customer should place %+ betslips during the next Saturday and Monday.
3. If the total amount of all the bets from each one of these two days is equal or perhaps bigger than the bonus volume the customer got in Friday, he or she is eligible to get the Wednesday bonus.
Sport betting in 1xBet Nyimba, zambia
1xBet is a well-known and trustworthy terme conseill? with the biggest sport protection not only as to the market in Zambia, but all around the world. Using more than 50 different sport types in its program, over 2 000 matches every week and more than 1 000 different options to place a bet, we can totally guarantee you that through this betting house you will never go through a lack of bet alternatives.

What is even more important is betting operator’ s it’s likely that among the highest across the complete globe and some studies actually end with conclusions that 1xBet does have the best possibilities in the world. We are going to give you one of these regarding the odds in the derby from Series A – the match between Inter and Juventus:

1X2 market
Juventus – 1 . 58
Draw – 4. 04
Inter – 6. 65

Profit perimeter = 2 . 29%

Under or Over installment payments on your 5 scores market
Under 2 . five scorers – 1 . 94
Over 2 . 5 scorers – 1 . 96

Profit margin = 2 . 59%

And here’ s the best news – the profit margin remains such as this one for most of the rest thousands of markets available for this specific event, while for the suits from the English Premium little league the odds are even higher.

Live betting
This bookmaker is usually ready to offer a couple moments more events in its method for live betting, although here the number of the live comfortably events isn’ t the most impressive thing at all – the functions available in the Live category are even extra impressive:

Live stream – If you want to follow how Christiano Ronaldo performs in Series A or any of your top favourite teams coming from La Liga and the English Premium League, you can do this free of charge in the sport live plan offered in 1xBet Zambia.
Text report for all those events and the progress for the fields
Creation and stats in real time
Climate conditions – heat range, wind speed, atmosphere pressure and humidity level
Graphics with changes in the odds during the progress in the event
A bookie with so many options and capabilities just cannot miss giving the most popular functions in the sport betting world for the last 10 couple of years – the cash away option.

Offering a bet in 1xBet offers you the freedom to control the bets in correspondence to your own tactics during the whole routine one bet passes through – from the moment you place the bet till the moment the bet gets determined possibly as a winning, or being a lost one.

Yet, selling your bet isn’ t possible for completely of the available bet types in the platform, but out of 9 in 10 choice types you can see this possibility, which, by the way, lets you obtain the entire profit that has been determined for you up to now.

In addition to these, thanks to the function called Advancebet you can also place bets with no funds in the account balance as long as you have pending active bets. The theory of this extra is very simple – the money for your new gamble is taken from the potential make money from this pending bet. If this bet occurs to get lost, the new bet you placed with no funds in the account gets cancelled. Therefore, note that no other betting operator has ever considered implementing such an extra in its platform.

Lottery jackpot games in 1xBet Zambia
1xBet’ t jackpot category doesn’ testosterone levels offers as many games or perhaps as big profits as the analogue service in Betway Zambia provides, for example, but yet, it let us test out whether our luck, or perhaps our sport knowledge planning to get prizes for a huge number when placing a low-cost guess.

It’ s i9000 only in this bookie wherever Zambians can participate in jackpot feature games oriented to complements from the virtual sport (the digital game FIFA, if we should be more specific) and where the biggest prizes are promised – for more than P 5 000.

In the game with forecasts for correct score inside the football matches we actually find the least bet amount we can think about – just K 0. 50. Nevertheless , even in this game the prize for a successful conjecture can exceed the amount of T 2 000.

Even if you are not a fan of goldmine games, we strongly recommend you to at least participate in the overall game called 1xToto on a regular basis seeing that here you don’ capital t even have to pay a damn to provide your advice for your predictions. Though, in the event that these predictions appear to be powerful you will receive real money prizes.

Casino games and poker rooms in 1xBet Nyimba, zambia
Everything we now have shared about the sport markets refers in almost precisely the same rate as to the biggest online casino in the world – 1xBet’ s casino!

Zero other website has been ever that steady in its internet casino section advance and no additional bookie has ever reached those 4 000 game titles per casino category 1xBet has – Video poker, Roulette, Blackjack, 3D slot machine games, Slots, Jackpot casino game titles, Keno, Baccarat, Bingo, Dices, Arcade and many other games.

You can play the many hundreds of live casino table games 24/7. The modern technologies make it possible for you to transfer to a real modern casino via live streaming nowadays. It’ s where you will become even served by real casino croupiers.

Both of the poker rooms in 1xBet Zambia are active 24/7, too, but their quality cannot be compared to the one the casino room can brag about. The poker section is probably the only section through this betting platform that hasn’ t advanced so significantly for the last couple of years and you can inform so by the number of the punters that enter it. However, if you love playing Texas Hold Em at minimum limits, you are going to usually have at your disposal ready competitors to play against in 1xBet. The bookie’ s poker section also offers daily freeroll tournaments with $ 40 total prize fund.

Virtual sports in 1xBet Zambia
Every fans of digital games like FIFA, PES, CS: Go, Angry birds, League of legends and dozens of different similar games can watch these people in real time, as well as to place live bets on their progresses. The punters are offered with the selection of either making bets about real tournaments where real professional players play against each other, or betting upon matches with computer-stimulated final outcome (in this second option you follow the progress of a struggle between two computers participating in in the contest).

All of these games are portion of the Live section and additional 20-30 traditional virtual sport types are placed in the homonymous category.

1xBet Zambia Mobile version and cellular application
In case you are used to see almost similar mobile versions and apps in the rest bookies, here in 1xBet’ s approach you can find a mobile website browser version that is completely different in the specially tailored bookie’ s app.

The fact remains that the browser version is a bit left in the background at the expenditure of the applications, so you should certainly go for the apps.

The applications are not simply more contemporary, but with more functions, too. For instance, if you use many of the apps you can do the following things with them:

Fingerprint recognition for get access your account in the sake of the additional security and safety
Receiving Push notifications for the event results
Receiving Push notifications to get the bet results
Using LED indication for notifications
Playing lots of games that are not available in the mobile site browser version
So , feel free and courageous to head to this bookie’ h website if you use Android mobile phone or to iTunes if you are an iPhone user in order to get the company’ s apps and start betting as you have never bet just before.

The Cicada, the Preying Mantis and the Sparrow

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

“Plan of Invasion”

The prince of Wu decided to attack the state of Chu. He gave a stern warning to his Plan of Invasionsubjects that anyone who raised objections would be put to death.

One of his stewards wanted to protest, but dared not. Instead, he took a catapult and pellets and wandered in the back courtyard until his clothes were wet with dew. He did this for three mornings.

Come here, ordered the prince. “What are you doing to make your clothes wet with dew?”
“There is a tree in the garden,” replied the steward, and on it there is a cicada. This cicada perches up there, chirping away and drinking the dew, not knowing that there is a praying mantis behind it. And the praying mantis leans forward, raising its forelegs to catch the cicada, not knowing that there is a sparrow beside it. The sparrow, again, cranes its neck to peck at the praying mantis, not knowing that there is someone with a catapult waiting below. These three small creatures are so eager to profit by something directly in front of them that they fail to realize the danger behind.

“Well said, “Replied the prince and he gave up his plan of invasion.

The Seasons

Monday, April 14th, 2008

“The Ba-Gua and the seasons”


It would be interesting to know that the famous Fengshui Ba-Gua represents the seasons; four main and four mid seasons. Starting from North at the bottom of our Ba-Gua, is Winter; at the Northeast position follows Early spring; to the East is Spring which in turn progresses to Mature tree that is early summer; right at the top in the South position is peak of Summer giving way to Mature corn that is the beginning of the harvest season; we next come to the West as Autumn sets in which is toed by the season of Fall; completing the cycle of the seasons. Then starts, another natural cycle of The Seasons.

(Note that the Chinese read the cycle of the direction taking the North direction at the bottom middle position) The centre of the Ba-Gua is the Tai-Chi or the balance of one and all in the universe.