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Fengshui in your Bedroom

Monday, April 28th, 2008

BedroomApplying the principles of to the bedroom can have soothing and nourishing effect on you. Remember you need harmony, rejuvenation and peace in your bedroom. For an ideal bedroom you must not place mirrors and water features in your bedroom. Your bedroom must have soft soothing lights. It must be clean, free of clutter and comfortable. Avoid too much storage over head or under the beds. Do not keep sharp pointed objects around. Features or paintings depicting violence or offensive objects should be avoided. You can use scented candles incense or aromas to uplift the energy. Use comfortable and pleasing linen. Do away with pictures of wild animals in your bedroom.

Try to avoid……….

Four Pillars of Destiny

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

“Four pillars of destiny”

is a powerful tool in understanding Chinese astrology at deeper levels. It is a very exciting tool for a sincere student of astrology. An amazing series of surprising revelations may appear as we unfold patterns of life events when reading a persons destiny. Certain simple calculations can give us deeper understanding and possible solutions to a reading.

WOOD (Yang) +Wood
It’s represented by mature trees, pillars, forest thickets, dark green color; its location is in the southeast and the trigram is wind.

A person belonging to this element is creative, free flowing, adventurous, generally social, loves nature, resourceful.

WOOD (Yin)

Yin Wood

Yin wood is an imagery of fresh grass, tender branches, creepers, light green color; the direction is east, the trigram is thunder.

A Yin wood person is thoughtful, caring, loves nature, quick thinker, quick learner, has immense tenacity, likes to be by himself, quick tempered.

FIRE (Yang)
The image closest in representation to yang fire is the sun, huge fire bodies like forest fires, furnaces, volcanoes are also imageries of yang fire, the direction associated is south, the trigram is fire.
The Yang fire person is hyper expressive, forceful, loves attention, passionate about almost everything, enjoys center stage, critical, project strong presence, have strong beliefs.

FIRE (Yin) –
Yin Fire Yin fire feels like the soft soothing flame of a candle, kitchen fire and mellow sunshine, direction is south. And Trigram is- fire.
A Yin fire person is attractive, seeks and always gets attention, is idealistic, can be a good counselor, is quite convincing, can be a part of a group but hold different ideas.

EARTH (Yang) +earth
Bricks, stones, pillars, dry earth and building material are representing yang earth, the direction is south west and the Trigram is – earth.
A person belonging to this element is caring but not overly expressive, holds perhaps his own but orthodox views at times, he could be a nature lover but from afar, at times he could be cold or harsh, a disciplinarian.

Yin Earth Rich farm soil, mud, clay, soft silt are all images of yin earth, the direction is south west, and the Trigram is earth.
A Yin earth person can be caring and nurturing, generally gets his appreciation rather late, he is generally the last to think about himself, a good organizer, very efficient worker to fall back upon.

METAL (Yang) +
Yang metal is like picturing images of strong sturdy metal bridges, steel building material, the direction is northwest, and the Trigram is heaven.
A Yang metal person is focused, very family oriented, has strong views, is strict, tends to shout or keep distance from his sub- ordinates, generally intellectual or academically inclined, capable of taking charge of big responsibilities.

Yin Metal Soft malleable metals like gold, silver, ornaments, sharp metal blades as in knives and swords are some images of yin metal, direction is west and the Trigram is lake.
A Yin metal person is friendly, fun to be with, loves the good things of life, seldom depressed, loves wining and dining, is diplomatic, can terminate things with finesse, he can be deep and thoughtful, can be revengeful.

WATER (Yang) + Water
Vast stretches of water like the ocean, waterfalls, downpour of rain represent yang water, the direction is north, and Trigram is water.
A Yang water person is fond of company, artistic, social, good at negotiation, can be moody at times, he can feel insecure at times for no valid reason, is deep thinking, may seem light hearted but has a lot of depth.

Yin Water Yin water is represented by features like; light shower of rain, streams, lakes, small water falls, ponds, dew, and springs of water.
A Yin water person is social, needs to do some thing all the time, a good peace maker, at times pessimistic, impartial, prone to depressions, thinks a lot, can get very fearful.

“Compatibility Factor”

Rat - Horse, Dog.Fengshui Animals

Rabbit - Ox, Rabbit, Sheep, Dog, Pig.

Dragon - Rat, Dragon, Monkey.

Snake - Ox, Dragon, Snake, Rooster, Dog.

Horse - Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Sheep, Dog.

Sheep - Rabbit, Horse, Sheep, Pig.

Monkey - Rat, Dragon, Monkey.

Rooster - Ox, Dragon, Snake.

Dog - Rat, Tiger, Rabbit, Snake, Horse, Monkey.

Pig - Rat, Rabbit, Dragon, Sheep, Pig.

The Cicada, the Preying Mantis and the Sparrow

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

“Plan of Invasion”

The prince of Wu decided to attack the state of Chu. He gave a stern warning to his Plan of Invasionsubjects that anyone who raised objections would be put to death.

One of his stewards wanted to protest, but dared not. Instead, he took a catapult and pellets and wandered in the back courtyard until his clothes were wet with dew. He did this for three mornings.

Come here, ordered the prince. “What are you doing to make your clothes wet with dew?”
“There is a tree in the garden,” replied the steward, and on it there is a cicada. This cicada perches up there, chirping away and drinking the dew, not knowing that there is a praying mantis behind it. And the praying mantis leans forward, raising its forelegs to catch the cicada, not knowing that there is a sparrow beside it. The sparrow, again, cranes its neck to peck at the praying mantis, not knowing that there is someone with a catapult waiting below. These three small creatures are so eager to profit by something directly in front of them that they fail to realize the danger behind.

“Well said, “Replied the prince and he gave up his plan of invasion.

The Seasons

Monday, April 14th, 2008

“The Ba-Gua and the seasons”


It would be interesting to know that the famous Fengshui Ba-Gua represents the seasons; four main and four mid seasons. Starting from North at the bottom of our Ba-Gua, is Winter; at the Northeast position follows Early spring; to the East is Spring which in turn progresses to Mature tree that is early summer; right at the top in the South position is peak of Summer giving way to Mature corn that is the beginning of the harvest season; we next come to the West as Autumn sets in which is toed by the season of Fall; completing the cycle of the seasons. Then starts, another natural cycle of The Seasons.

(Note that the Chinese read the cycle of the direction taking the North direction at the bottom middle position) The centre of the Ba-Gua is the Tai-Chi or the balance of one and all in the universe.

Buying a good horse

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

“Good Horse”

Good Horse

There was a king who was willing to pay a thousand pieces of gold for a horse that could run a thousand mile without stopping. For three years he tried in vain to find such a steed.

Then someone offered let me look for a horse for Your Majesty. The king agreed to this. After three months this man came back, having spent five hundred pieces of gold on a horse’s skull. The king was most enraged. I want a live horse he roared. What use is a dead horse to me? Why spend five hundred pieces of gold on nothing?

But the man replied if you will spend five hundred pieces of gold on a dead horse, won’t you give much more for a live one? When people hear of this, they will know you are really willing to pay for a good horse, and will quickly send you their best.

Sure enough, in less than a year the king succeeded in buying three excellent horses.