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Tuesday, 30 December 2008 09:17

Know Your Personality


This system is derived from a section of astrology called ‘The Nine Ki Astrology’ it is an ancient tool to discover your personality traits. It is an interesting and intriguing method; and perhaps one of the fastest to read a character. It is accurate, useful and impressive. It can be referred to; for identify your favorable directions, colors, strengths and weaknesses. You can use the mentioned directions to locate yourself or face them.

 Nine-Ki Chart


(Check your Ki Number and Interesting facts about yourself)

Ki Number One:

1. The number one personality is interesting and volatile, it is interesting to note that they are creative, communicative, soothing as well as friendly people.They can be peace makers in a given situation. They have the capacity to judge a situation both ways, hence can are good at arriving to a better solution.

2. The one personality loves to socialize, being extremely friendly, they need constant company. If idle they tend to get bored, hence they have to be kept busy or mentally occupied, otherwise they tend to get irritated.

3. The one people are transparent, hence they can have fair judgement of people and situations. They can see beyond the present, something like look through a problem hence at times they can seem pessimistic, yet their pessimism is a result of foresight not real pessimism.

4. These people being ruled by the water element, can get easily influenced by the company they keep, hence are in constant danger of effects of the type of company.

5. The one child needs to be maneuvered not pushed around, because the force of water can be easily be guided not controlled.

6. Any kind of fear induced in the one personality, even in childhood, can make them extremely fearful and make lifelong imprints on their psyche. These imprints could possibly in later life cause complex behavioral issues.

7. The one personality can excel in the field of communication, arts, media or journalism, they can be good writers or counselors too.

8. Never underestimate the power and tenacity of these apparently easy going people, they can stand up to tough situations bravely, they may be malleable but have mass within.


Ki number Two:

1. The Ki personality of two people projects the very earthy type of person, being lovers of Mother Nature, they love open spaces and greenery around them.

2. The two people at times need to guard their health more than others especially during change of weather. They need to watch out against stomach problems, hence keep healthy eating habits. Many need to watch their weight, as they tend to appear stocky.

3. The two people are second line performers, it means they are very dependable people, they are very particular about details and can take a task to completion. In any organization they form the solid pillars of the foundation.

4. Two persons are performers but generally do not attach credit to their achievements hence they have to be encouraged to step forward to take credit for their work.

5. These people spend huge effort in taking in to consideration the opinions of others, as a result they many a times over look their own needs, this can make them crib and complain a lot.

6. They generally get applauded much later than they deserve to.

7. Materially they gather enough worldly success and wealth, but they can be compulsive hoarders.

8. The caring and nurturing capabilities of the two personality is rather amazing and makes them stand out amongst others. All said and done they are people we would want around us.

Ki number Three:

1. The striking personality of the three people has the kind of look and feel of on adventurous, land breaker, they are exploring and innovative.

2. These impressive personalities make an impression wherever they go, they make an appearance like a clap of thunder and vanish as fast as they appear.

3. Being a very yang number, they are quick learners, they tend to get bored easily and move on to fresh pastures.

4. The three persons can make good leaders, they are impressive talkers, they are well grounded but open to external influences, they tend to get carried away easily.

5. Their minds race fast, hence they tend to start too many things at the same time, not necessary though they may complete all of them.

6. They are the outdoor types and enjoy activities that consume their vast storage of energy.

7. The three personality is very sexually aware, they are likely to have their first experience much early in life.

8. Finally the three people, fairly hard to please, can be quite a handful.

9. The three people are lovers of nature and at times can be loners out of choice.


Ki number Four:

1. The four personalities are pleasure loving and fond of beauty and they have an eye for the arts and aesthetics.

2. They are upwardly mobile hence thinkers and seekers of knowledge.

3. The four persons lack grounding, hence get easily swayed.

4. They are curious, an attribute generally, making them wide eyed. They can be easily convinced, perhaps to believe anything.

5. They thinly spread their energy to start many things at a time, then finishing each one by one.

6. They are kind and generous to a fault, hence are generally taken advantage of. Not to overlook the time they spend selflessly for others without expecting much in returns

7. The four persons change their minds often and quickly, making them unpredictable and difficult to figure out.

8. Generally blessed, they most of the time have saviors appearing from nowhere in times of crisis, which in turn helps them tide over difficult situations many a times.

9. To sum it all let us say that the four personalities are like the banyan tree, under which other smaller trees can grow.


Ki number Five:

1. The five personalities occupying the centre of the nine square grid, like their position, are individuals who want to be at the centre of everything yet not a part of it.

2. They are people with multi facets; they swing between extremes in every aspect.

3. They have a strong personality, rather fixed ideas and find it difficult to take orders.

4. They can make good trouble shooters, being multi facetted and keenly observant they are aware of several things at a time.

5. As children they need to be encouraged to participate in team games to make them learn to work in a group, this in later life can make them more successful.

6. The five people are very dependable, they have the capacity to take over a difficult situation if all else fails.

7. They take a balcony look of life, hence seem detached from everybody. However this does not mean they are loners, they like people around and can be very caring.

8. They are stubborn and unchanging, if a situation demands others have to adapt to them. This aspect of their can cause them a lot of difficulties.


Ki number Six:

1. The six ki personalities have an air of authority about them; this perhaps keeps people in awe of them.

2. The six people seem the stubborn, assertive sort who can control others; they tend to have an intimidating effect on others.

3. They make good task masters but shout a lot at juniors; people respect them out of fear.

4. Generally they are well provided for; they are very family oriented, make good householders and can make huge sacrifices for the family.

5. They care for people but from afar, never up-close.

6. If they help someone they may do it subtly without even taking credit for it.

7. They are the kind of people who even as children display characters of authority like say on a dining table they make sure every one has been taken care of before they themselves eat.

8. They are most often burdened with responsibilities beyond their age but have the capability to shoulder them even to their own surprise.

9. The six personalities are perfectionists, they seldom make mistakes, but if they do they are very unforgiving of themselves.


Ki number Seven:

1. The number seven personalities are the happy go lucky types.

2. They are fond of luxuries, and love to vine and dine a lot.

3. They are deep and difficult to judge, their fun loving exterior hides a thoughtful person within.

4. They have sharp tongues, and can make crisp remarks. They can be good in cutting off themselves from people and situations.

5. They are very resourceful and pursue their dreams relentlessly; many are creative or have an eye for arts and crafts.

6. They are open to spiritual experiences, some are clairvoyant.

7. They are the life of a party; if you want to have a good time the number seven can make great company.

8. The number seven people may generally appear or behave much younger than actually are.


Ki number Eight:

1. The number eight ki types are generally the serious intellectual types. Their hunger for knowledge makes them the seekers they are.

2. They are more of self learners, believe in doing things themselves.

3 They seldom repeat a mistake but learn from their own mistakes.

4. They seem the intimidating types and people keep a safe distance from them.

5. They need both physical and mental space to refresh and replenish their insides, generally in the lap of nature.

6. They make good marriage partners, supportive, caring and once they make a commitment it is for keeps.

7. The eight personalities have the capacity to bring about radical mindset changes.

8. If there is a difficult way of doing things ask the number eight because he is the only one to have imagined it or explored it.


Ki number Nine:

1. The number nine personality irrespective of their looks make heads turn.

2. They can be very critical yet they take criticism badly.

3. They have sharp minds, are quick learners, always ready to express their views.

4. They love attention and give in to flattery, being the centre of attraction and handling it is second nature to them.

5. They have the gift of gab; are good speakers, and can teach and preach well.

6. The number nine personalities are attracted to spiritual pursuits; they love to read and enlighten others, are open to new ideas and can accept change.

7. These people do not belong to a situation they move on constantly.

8. Their expressions at times can be bold and forthright; hurting others in the bargain.

9. They make good leaders; impressive talkers and can amass huge following.

10. They are warm hearted; approachable and friendly.


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